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Invite Only

Only the top 5% of applicants are accepted into the Lorem Network. That’s great for clients and it’s great for you. It prevents the typical price race to the bottom and creates a community of fellow experts to collaborate with.

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Non-Stop Support

We’re your marketing team, project manager, collaboration platform, payment processor, and everything in between. Our goal is to make sure you always have great clients to work with.

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No more sending proposals into a black hole or getting undercut by low-quality talent. We match you to work based on your skillset. You pick the jobs you want to do.

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What Lorem brings to the table

Marketing & Sales

We invest lots of time and money into finding clients, so you don’t have to.

Project Management

We help scope work upfront and provide support throughout a project.

Streamlined & Fast Payments

Get paid, immediately after every job is completed.

Deposits & Subscriptions

Collect deposits upfront or have a client subscribe to ongoing services.


Join our private Slack community to meet & collaborate with other freelancers.

Collaboration Tools

Our platform is designed to make you more efficient & your clients happier.

Who we’re looking for

Independent freelancers

  ·  Contract Web Designer

2-10 person agencies

  ·  Web Development Agency

Web development

Web design

Digital Marketing

And Many More

Some Common Questions

Can I work with the same expert again?

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Can we speak on the phone?

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Where are experts located?

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Some Common Questions

Do you charge hourly?

No. The vast majority of projects are quoted as a single price so that you know exactly how much it costs before work begins. In rare instances where an hourly arrangement makes the most sense, it is agreed to up-front.

How do I know I’m getting the best price?

Ultimately price is just one part of the equation. Our goal is to deliver high-quality work for an affordable price, with a great customer experience. We’ve standardized pricing across thousands of freelancers and projects to maximize the value you receive for every dollar spent.

When do I pay?

You pay at the end of the project, when you are happy with the work. Some larger projects may include a deposit and/or milestone based payments. The timing of any payment is made clear before you accept the quote. 

Some Common Questions

How is this different than Upwork or Fiverr?

At Lorem, you get a far more personal, human, and high quality experience from beginning to end. There is no proposal competition that encourages a price race to the bottom. Projects are more qualified up-front, and we only send you opportunities that match your skills and interests. We have a strong focus on community, collaboration, and professional respect.

How much do experts typically earn?

It all depends on how many projects you accept. Most experts average between $40-80 per hour and typically earn over $2k per month on our platform.

How does Lorem make money?

We charge a percent fee for paid projects. We think of this as a performance based way to charge for marketing, client acquisition, project management & support, payment processing, and our collaboration software.

The future of freelancing.