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The 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services: A Comparison

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WordPress is a gift to entrepreneurs who want to build a business website quickly without breaking the bank. It’s such a trusted platform that the biggest names in business—from The Walt Disney Company to BBC America to even Beyoncé—stake their brands on it. Though it’s far from perfect, we’d be remiss not to recommend it.

What's the first thing you should look for when building a WordPress site? Your hosting provider.

However, with a whole buffet of options available to business owners like you, it’s easy to get lost as to how and where to start. And the very essence of WordPress is to get your website up and running fast without the frills.

In today’s how-to article, we’re breaking down which of the supposed best WordPress hosting services is best for you and your business.

Managed vs. Self-hosting: Which is better?

To start, you have two options, each with their own pros and cons. You can either self-host it or buy a managed WordPress hosting.

With self-hosting, you’ll have to install and configure WordPress on your own, usually through your hosting provider’s chosen backend platform (e.g. cPanel). That’s fairly easy to do, especially with the one-click install scripts providers currently have on offer. The trouble lies with the possibility of misconfigurations or errors you might run into as you develop your website.

Managed hosting plans, by contrast, offer a more user-friendly experience of WordPress. They usually come with easy-to-follow processes, a dedicated team of developers to manage your WordPress the entire time, and a historically rich support system for when you encounter hiccups. The drawback, of course, is that these plans are typically more expensive.

Managed hosting: Less hassle

Following the beat of getting your business site in WordPress in lesser time, we recommend that you get the managed WordPress hosting.

For a monthly fee, you can get your website up and running and not worry about any technical hiccups. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of fixing your site when it runs into problems and you can focus on working on your business.

Here are more benefits to managed hosting:

  • Because they typically keep dedicated servers for your site, managed hostings are typically faster than shared hosting. In that sense, the increased site speed also helps your site’s SEO.
  • Managed hostings make your website more secure and less vulnerable to attacks.
  • Unlike with self hostings, managed hostings are easy to scale.
  • Owners of sites with managed hostings will have to worry less about updating their platforms, themes, and plugins. It’s usually already sorted through by the managed hosting provider.

Note that some plugins and themes won’t work with all hosting providers. That’s the trade-off for going with a managed WordPress host versus a self-host.

If that’s a dealbreaker, the alternative is to manage the hosting on your own and outsource technical help from places like Lorem. Read more about our service.

The 10 best WordPress hosting services

With our collective experience and testings of different WordPress hosts cross-referenced, we’ve landed on the following as the best and fastest WordPress hosting services.

While using any of these services will get your business site up and running, they each have their own quirks, pros, and cons.Here’s the full list:

1. Flywheel

If it’s great for Paul Jarvis, then it should be great for just about everyone else. Built with designers, freelancers, and agencies in mind, Flywheel is a great solution for anyone who has to build WordPress sites—quickly, easily, and securely.

Flywheel homepage screenshot

Some of the features we love include:

  • All-around great service - Flywheel is known to always deliver. Most features you’ll look for in a great WordPress host you’ll find here.
  • Easy-to-follow UI - Flywheel’s backend is not only packed with robust features, it’s also pretty. You’ll get a kick out of tinkering around the carefully designed dashboard.
  • Packed with collaboration tools - Those who build WordPress sites for clients or teams will be happy to know that Flywheel offers a host of collaboration features that should make development fun, easy, and efficient.

Pricing: Starts at $14/monthly for single sites. $92/monthly for 10 sites.

2. WP Engine

Now with Studiopress’ Genesis-powered themes, WP Engine’s hosting plans are never more attractive than before. As a host, they promise to be “the most secure and lightning fast”—and for the most part, they deliver.

WP Engine homepage screenshot

Here are the main attractions among WP Engine’s long list of features:

  • High-value plans – WP Engine doesn’t mess around. Each plan comes with unlimited monthly data transfers, daily backups, and malware scanning and removal.
  • Free access to Studiopress’ catalog - Studiopress, another renowned brand in the WordPress space, has partnered with WP Engine, giving its users access to its catalog of themes powered by their ultra-fast Genesis Framework.
  • It outperforms its promise - A lot of entrepreneurs in the space recommend WP Engine, often solely on the fact that the host really does deliver. WordPress experts like Chris Lema can’t shut up about WP Engine’s performance, and that is something to take note.

Pricing: Starts at $35/month.

3. Kinsta

Kinsta is clear about what it offers: high-powered WordPress hosting. That’s a tall order, but seeing how happy Intuit is as a user, it looks like Kinsta might be doing something right.

Kinsta homepage screenshot

The only drawback for this host is that they don’t couple their packages with domain registration or email. What we love about Kinsta, despite that drawback:

  • Optimized for speed...using Google Cloud - Kinsta uses Google Cloud tech to deliver fast performance and impressive uptimes.
  • Virtually unlimited traffic - Because it runs on cloud systems—and those of Google’s, no less—Kinsta’s hosting should have no problem handling high-traffic surges.
  • Offers an intuitive dashboard - Kinsta’s myKinsta is an intuitive dashboard of the host’s features. It makes managing your WordPress site easier by miles.

Pricing: Starts at $30/month.

4. Siteground

Siteground is the go-to WordPress host for business owners strapped for budget. But don’t let its price tag fool you. Siteground offers a smorgasbord of features and benefits that have respected marketers and entrepreneurs raving for it.

Siteground homepage screenshot

Though it doesn’t come with dedicated servers and therefore limits you in terms of the traffic your site can manage, Siteground still comes recommended because it offers:

  • Serious value for money - With a starter plan that starts at $3.95 a month, which comes with its free SSL, CDN, and a whole bunch of mighty features, it’s hard not to consider getting Siteground’s hosting offers.
  • Remarkable uptimes and speeds - For its price, Siteground delivers shockingly remarkable uptimes. What’s more, they also optimize your site for speed—crucial to site owners and entrepreneurs trying to grow.
  • Top-notch, reliable support - Siteground receives much praise for its support. A lot of people, including big names, vouch for the company’s dedication to helping out their customers when they need it.

Pricing: Plans start at $3.95/month. Hosting plans with dedicated servers are available.

5. InMotion

Anyone working in the tech space should be familiar with InMotion, an established web hosting brand since 2001. They offer WordPress hosting as well, boasting high speeds, robust features, and competitive pricing.

InMotion homepage screenshot

Here are some things to love about InMotion:

  • Lightning-fast transfers - InMotion delivers speedy transfers. This means that you get good uptimes and fast loading times for your site.
  • Competitive pricing for shared plans - Say this, if anything, about InMotion: they don’t skimp on features. Their starter Launch Plan, though inexpensive, offers a whole range of vital power-ups like free domain registration and SSL.
  • Genuinely helpful customer service - Regardless if you’re inexperienced with WordPress or someone who knows their way around, you’d be happy to know that InMotion’s support agents are available on-call for when you run into trouble.

Pricing: Starts at $3.99/month for two sites. Hosting plans with dedicated servers are available.

6. Bluehost

As shared hostings go, there’s a lot going on for Bluehost. For starters, WordPress itself recommends it. That, coupled with great overall performance and site speeds, enables Bluehost to power more than two million websites through its hosting service.

Bluehost homepage screenshot

Bluehost offers a lot of great features. Here’s a handful of reasons why you should consider getting it:

  • Cheapest service on this list - As of this writing, Bluehost offers a great feature-set for an introductory price point that’s lower than any hosting service included on this list, save for Siteground. That, however, doesn’t mean Bluehost is skimping on features.
  • Has great integrations - To get your business website started, Bluehost offers a whole menu of useful WordPress-friendly integrations, including Cloudflare, Google Apps, MOJO Marketplace, and more.
  • Delivers quality performance as claimed - Bluehost likes tout how great its service is. That’s okay, because for the most part, they deliver. Obviously not as well as a dedicated managed WordPress hosting, but for what you’re paying for it, you’re getting great value.

Pricing: Shared hosting plans start at $7.99 monthly. VPS, managed WordPress hosting plans, are available starting at $19.99 a month.

7. Pressable

Pressable offers another variation of the other managed WordPress hosting services listed on this article. Its key differentiator being the premium inclusions that come with each plan. Some businesses that trust Pressable include: Whirlpool, Laughing Squid, and Esteé Lauder.

Pressable homepage screenshot

Here’s why you should consider getting Pressable for your site:

  • Premium add-ons - All Pressable plans come with premium add-ons such as MaxCDN, Jetpack, and more. The cost of these can considerably offset and thusly justify its price.
  • Useful security and backup features - Pressable loads some serious security and backup functionalities to your hosting. They include free SSL certification as well as daily backups in every plan.
  • Overall great managed WordPress service - Like a lot of managed WordPress hosting providers, Pressable focuses on delivering a top-notch managed WordPress service. That enables them to pull through and allow you to build a site quickly and securely.

Pricing: Plans start at $25 a month.

8. Pagely

Like other managed WordPress hosts listed on this article, Pagely specializes in hosting WordPress websites, and they’re making a tremendous job at it. That’s only right, seeing that its pricing is a bit on the expensive side. You’re getting a lot of value, though.

Pagely homepage screenshot

And here are just some of our favorites:

  • Top-of-the-line hosting - Pagely is marketed towards professional bloggers, publishers, business owners, and enterprises, and as such, they’re expected to come out with some well managed WordPress hosting—and they do!
  • They’re serious about security - Having a lot of enterprises on their client list, Pagely is naturally particular about security. To that end, they’ve developed their own security product called Pressamore. That speaks a lot to their commitment to making sure your website is safe and sound.
  • Crazy fast web performance - Look, we’ve talked a lot about great performance on this list, but for this web host, it’s particularly important. Pagely’s customers, after all, are the likes of Expedia, Adobe, and Kellogg’s. Brands like these won’t get by with a hosting with slow server response times.

Pricing: Managed VPS plans start at $299 monthly, which includes up to 15 sites.

9. GoDaddy

You’ve heard all about GoDaddy. It has made its reputation as an O.G. domain registrar. But some people don’t know that they do offer managed WordPress hosting plans as well. They offer real bang-for-your-buck value with their managed shared hosting plans.

GoDaddy homepage screenshot

Here’s why you should look into GoDaddy:

  • Linux and Windows-based - Depending on your situation, you’d be better off using a Linux or a Windows-based hosting. For the most part, users will benefit more from Linux’s stability as an operating system, but if your site requires it, GoDaddy offers Windows-based hosting too.
  • Intuitive account management panels - If you’ve ever been to GoDaddy’s revamped site, you’ll find that it has one of the most pleasing UI. Managing your sites and domains on the backend should feel less like a trip back to 2008 on this one.
  • It offers great value - Like its competitors, GoDaddy brings a lot to the table in terms of features. From free SSL certification, dedicated IPS, 99.9% uptime guarantees to 24/7 phone support, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a feature that another hosting company has that GoDaddy doesn’t have.

Pricing: Managed shared hosting plans start at $3.99 a month. Managed hosting with dedicated servers are also available starting at $69.99 a month.

10. DreamHost

DreamHost boasts over 400,000 users and 1.5 million websites built. With that many clients, DreamHost is able to offer a good mix of transparency, tech, and specialization.

Dreamhost homepage screenshot

Here are DreamHost’s best features.

  • Legit unlimited bandwidth - The term “unlimited bandwidth” has become such a buzzword. When you encounter it, you know for sure it means “unlimited bandwidth, but…”. In DreamHost’s case, their plans have truly unlimited bandwidth. If bandwidth is crucial to your website, DreamHost should be at the top of your choice list.
  • Fast loading times - DreamHost has speed nailed to the wall. Like others, DreamHost takes site speed and performance quite seriously.
  • Reliable and friendly support - This is one area DreamHost excels. They offer a 24/7 live chat support system. The best part? No clueless, third-party CSRs will handle your issues. Only reps from DreamHost who know their product and WordPress inside-out.

Pricing: Managed DreamPress hosting plans start at $16.95/monthly.

Which managed WordPress hosting should you use?

The good news is that all of the hosts we evaluated have strong features. We recommend you evaluate WordPress hosts by the following criteria: 1) fits your budget, 2) aligns with your business’ goals, and 3) easy to use.

Still can't decide? Save time and get a personalized hosting recommendation from one of our web experts. Get connected with a WordPress Expert on Lorem.

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