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22 WordPress Theme Shops To Find Your Perfect Theme

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Finding the perfect theme can be tough.

It should be. One of the biggest representation of your brand is the theme you use for your WordPress site.

The beauty of WordPress is that you can definitely craft a design that perfectly represents what your brand or business is about. But what if you can’t develop the design you have in mind? Simple. You look to the hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes available.

And your best bet? Scouring through WordPress theme shops.

And just as luck would have it, we’ve collected 22 of some of the best WordPress theme foundries and theme makers that exist at the time of this publication.

Our goal is for you to come out of this post, finding “the one” theme that you’ll stick with for a long time.

But before we get to the list itself, a few words on why you should look for WordPress theme shops, not individual themes.

WordPress theme shops vs. WordPress themes

When we look for themes, we don’t really look for themes...we look for theme shops.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Theme shops often have great infrastructure, meaning documentation, demo files, and great support when I need it
  2. Theme shops often offer theme bundles, meaning we get to use a variety of themes from their library before settling on one.

There are foundries that offer unlimited access, for instance, for a smaller annual fee.

You don’t have to pay a certain amount per theme. You can use every theme in the library in an unlimited number of sites, for a year. We think that’s a pretty irresistible deal.

This, however, brings us to another dilemma: which WordPress theme shop should you go with?

It’s a dilemma, because there are hundreds, virtually. And a good chunk of them are pretty good, viable options.

In this post, we’ve narrowed the list down to a whopping 22-item selection. We’ve tried to diversify our options as much as we can, but it will ultimately boil down to preference and taste.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

22 WordPress Theme Shops Worth Checking Out

Here are the best WordPress theme companies with great WordPress themes in their library.

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is by far the largest theme marketplace in the internet.

It’s owned by Envato, which recently started offering a subscription bundle called Envato Elements. Elements gives users unlimited access to a curated library of themes and a bunch of other creative assets.

As a theme shop, the vastness of its library goes unmatched, the ease of its search functionalities admirable. It’s easy to find a WordPress theme on this platform.

Beware, however, that the themes are crafted by different developers, so your mileage will definitely vary. So far, we haven’t encountered any problems with the themes we've decided to buy.

Pricing: Starts at $29/theme. Envato Elements subscription starts at $16.50/month.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is known for their revolutionary theme, Divi. Straddled on the promise of true drag-and-drop ease, that theme exploded in popularity and is now currently being used by a lot of businesses.

Aside from that, the company’s robust magazine theme, Extra, has been gaining some footing as well.

The themes at Elegant Themes are nicely coded, easy-to-tweak, and SEO-friendly. For a long time I used it on many of my sites.

Pricing: $89/access all themes and plugins for one year

Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom’s collection has a markedly “hipster” aesthetic. The designs look great, perfect for bloggers, creatives, and the like.

The themes themselves run solid and are backed by Themes Kingdom proprietary engine.

There’s a bit of bloat that comes with some of the installs, but it’s nothing you can’t undo by simply forgoing the feature and deleting the excess plugins.

Pricing: $89/access all themes and plugins for one year


Themify offers a free but mighty drag-and-drop page builder. It only makes sense that their theme collection include themes that take advantage of that.

Each theme is optimized for fast speeds, super responsive,  and are designed rather well.

Pricing: $89/access to all themes, plugins, and add-ons for a year


Studiopress is popular among businesses and professional bloggers. It’s a great option if you’re really serious about building a successful website or blog.

All themes in the Studiopress’ catalog run on the Genesis Framework, a starter theme that’s basically stripped away of clutter or bloat.

The price is a bit expensive, but with the power you’re getting, it’s hard to say you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Pricing: $499.95/one-time fee to access all themes

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes describes their work as “beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features and premium support.”

That’s a pretty big promise, but they deliver. If you need themes that look good and work well, you can’t go wrong with Tesla. The themes are responsive and are all well-designed.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s specific to your industry, it’s likely that Tesla has options for you, be it ecommerce, listings, magazines, and more.

Pricing: $99/one year access to all themes

Artisan Themes

As the name suggests, Artisan Themes’ library is filled with carefully crafted WordPress themes that fit every use from personal to business.

The biggest pull they have is their “modular” approach, which makes building pages and posts intuitive and simple. The idea is to stack modules on top of one another. This yields some pretty looking designs.

The best part? You don’t have to know code to take advantage of Artisan’s builder.

Pricing: $129/theme


CSSIgniter’s offer is straightforward. And irresistible.

For a fraction of the price other foundries offer for their bundle, users will get access to CSSIgniter’s catalog of well-designed WordPress themes.

There’s plenty to choose from, with many niche options such as Hotel, Travel, Directory themes, and more.

Pricing: $79/access to all themes and plugins for a year

The Theme Foundry

The Theme Foundry is home to Make, a popular theme for its snappy page builder, elegant typography, and thoughtful design.

But what a lot of folks don’t know is that beyond Make, The Theme Foundry also develops other smaller themes like Oxford, which is a gorgeous-looking contemporary magazine theme.

And to make that sweet typography happen, TTF throws in commercial quality Adobe Typekit fonts.

Pricing: $129/access to all publisher themes + MakePlus

Elma Studio

Elma Studio is a smaller foundry than most of the ones listed here. But don’t let that fool you.

Elma has some pretty sweet themes. They look gorgeous, with clean straightforward layout and strong use of typography.

The themes work perfect for personal bloggers and creatives.

Pricing: €48/access to all themes for a year

Anders Noren

No list of WordPress themes will be complete without an option that doesn’t require money.

That’s right, Anders Noren has been putting out free WordPress themes on his website. And there’s no catch. Even more impressive, they all look and feel premium, just like paid ones.

There’s plenty of themes to choose from, though it should be noted that a lot of the themes seem to cater to creatives and writers.

Pricing: Free

Graph Paper Press

If you’re looking for minimalist themes, this is the WordPress theme shop for you.

The themes cater to writers, creatives, and photographers. It’s great as a portfolio option, but what’s even greater is that Graph Paper Press has also integrated a full-fledged e-commerce platform designed specifically for selling media.

Pricing: $99/access to all themes for a year


Codetipi is one of the best WordPress theme developers you can find online.

Their collection is pretty small—including four themes and one plugin—but that’s to make sure every item performs very well. And sure enough, they do.

15Zine is particularly incredible, a complete magazine theme solution for anyone starting out.

Pricing: $59/theme

Engine Themes

Engine Themes is in the business of helping companies build robust WordPress sites. Specifically, full-featured websites like job boards, Q&A platforms, directories, and more.

It’s pretty amazing the depth of functionality their themes achieve. We're particularly fond of Q&AEngine Theme, which allows you to create a Quora-like forum all from the WordPress backend. Amazing.

Pricing: $299/access to all themes


Pixelgrade themes are, in their own words, “design-oriented”. And that shows.

Each theme in Pixelgrade’s stable looks gorgeous, with thoughtfully designed layout and smart use of typography.

There are themes for photographers, writers, journalists, solopreneurs, creatives—just about everybody!

Pricing: $223/lifetime access to all themes


Press75’s collection are filled with beautifully designed themes. They’re clean, responsive, and typographic. Perfect for creative professionals and design agencies.

The features in the themes themselves are pretty sparse, but that’s partly why Press75 is great.

You get just enough of power so you don’t find yourself riddled with too many decisions to make about your WordPress site.

Pricing: $99/access to all themes for one year.

Organized Themes

Organized Themes has carved out a niche for themselves putting out impressive themes for churches, charities, and nonprofits.

The themes, though simple and straightforward, packs some serious punch in terms of features and functionality. Grassroots is particularly amazing, complete with fundraising features via Woocommerce and great customization options.

Pricing: $65/access to all themes for one year.


With a strong focus for photographers, FloThemes has built itself a library of great photography WordPress themes.

If you’re a creative who uses a lot of photos, videos, and media on your site, you’re bound to find a theme fit for your business at FloThemes.

Pricing: $279/theme


VisualModo’s themes are pretty right out of the box.

If you’re looking to build a website quick, you won’t go wrong moving forward with VisualModo.

The selection is incredible, with designs varying from business, creative, and feature-full sites like job boards, forums, and more.

Pricing: $99/access to all themes for a year.


ThemeFuse’s selection is filled with clean, modern, and responsive themes both free and premium.

What’s great about ThemeFuse, aside from their themes, is that users have a number of ways going about getting their themes. As of this writing, there are three ways: 1.) free through their hosting partners, 2.) single theme purchases, and 3.) buying the bundle.

Pricing: $99/access to all themes for a year.


FancyThemes has a lot of free WordPress themes in its directory. The only premium item it has, the Solopreneur theme, is exactly what you expect it to be. A clean, minimalistic, but feature-rich theme that’s designed with solopreneurs and small business owners in mind.

There are also other great themes here, including Nuria and Risa, both gorgeous-looking retro-inspired themes fit for magazines and personal blogs respectively.

Pricing: Free, $59 for Solopreneur theme


Showthemes develops WordPress themes for events. If your company hosts a lot of events, a subscription to Showthemes will prove worth it.

For a small annual rate, you’ll get access to a handful of thoughtfully crafted event themes that are fit for all sorts of events, from fairs, festivals, to full-fledged conferences.

We've personally used Openevent and it’s a delight to use.

Pricing: $189/one time fee to access all themes

Found your match yet?

Finding the perfect theme is a daunting task, but with this list you’ll have a very good starting point as to where you should look. Don't want to spend the time looking through all of the theme shops? Chat with a Lorem Expert about your business goals and we'll give you a personalized recommendation on which theme will work best for you.

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