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5 Great Places Where You Can Find Shopify Experts for Hire

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Whether you’re an established e-commerce brand or just starting out, you can find great value in hiring Shopify experts. These are professionals whose work revolves specifically around the workings of a Shopify store. With experts’ help, you can rest easy knowing that your store is in very capable hands.

However, this only works if you hire the right people. It’s easy to hop on Google “Shopify experts for hire” and get in bed with the first Craigslist ad that pops up. Your Shopify expert needs to be skillful, intuitive, and professional.

That’s what we’re hoping to get on in today’s article. In this list, you’ll find five amazing places where you can find Shopify experts. These places aren’t listed as frequently in other lists, so we’re confident that you’ll find a new pool of people to look at if you have exhausted your previous options.

But first, a little reminder…

Why hire a Shopify expert?

Hiring a Shopify expert can be an absolute game-changer to your e-commerce business. Think about it. By hiring someone whose work is specialized around your e-commerce platform, you’re bound to hit more wins than you would alone.

Regardless if it’s a virtual assistant, an e-commerce SEO expert, or 3D model artist, it’s absolutely crucial to get help from a Shopify expert, provided that you have the means.

5 places to hire the best Shopify experts for your store

There are only a handful of places that we’ll vouch if you’re in the market for a Shopify expert. We have listed all five below.

The Shopify Experts Directory

Shopify itself acknowledges the need for a reliable Shopify expert. This is reinforced with their own “experts directory”, which hooks up store owners with experts who can help them with any Shopify-related task.

Apart from being vetted by Shopify itself, the experts included in the directory offer a wide range of skillsets. Meaning, store owners can find exactly the person they need for the job.


LinkedIn has come along way since its beginnings. Inarguably the largest professional network in the world, the website now houses around 600 million professionals. 

If you have an engaged LinkedIn presence, you might do well to do a simple call-out for Shopify experts in the form of a post. You’ll be surprised how much response you’ll get. 

A word to the wise, though: steer clear from shady profiles that might pop up now and again.

Referrals from friends and colleagues

Referrals work great. If you’re shopping for trusted Shopify experts, the sensible place to start is a place of trust (a.k.a. your friends and colleagues). A simple e-mail blast will yield a good volume of responses, and from there you can weed out the ones that don’t look like a good fit.

What’s great about hiring referred talent is that they have an instant seal of approval from your friends. In addition, you can pull your referrers to the side and have a conversation about the expert you’re looking to hire. This way, you can have a pretty managed expectation about your prospects.

Premium job boards

Premium job boards marry the convenience of a talent farm like Upwork and the peace-of-mind of hiring prime talent. These boards usually have professionals pay a fee to get joined in, so you have the assurance that the experts you’ll meet here mean business.

Finding the ideal premium job boards for your store will vary per requirement. Luckily, it takes little time and effort to find one through a simple Google search.


Ah, the pièce de résistance. Lorem combines everything good about the previous options we have mentioned in this list. With a large network of meticulously vetted experts, you’re bound to find the perfect Shopify expert to help you with your store.

In addition, Lorem’s service is practical. You have access to the platform 24/7, and you can order services on a per-project basis. Meaning there’s no monthly retainer or bogus upsells. You pay per project, and only once you’re happy with the results.

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How to vet your prospective experts

Being that most of the options we have presented above don’t come with their own vetting process, it’s important that you set up one yourself. By having your prospective experts go through this prevents a lot of missteps down the line.

Check their niche (if any)

Some Shopify experts cater to a certain specialization, not only with their skill but also the niche of the Shopify stores they service. Get on the lookout for their niche if they have one.

Peruse their portfolios

History is hard to fake. Great Shopify experts will always keep a record of companies they have worked with before, and they typically have great insights to share about their work. Ask to see their previous work; the good ones will happily share their portfolios.

Insist on a meeting 

Don’t just jump the gun and get in bed with a prospective expert. Whether you feel fishy or confident about a candidate, insist on hopping on a Skype call to get a more informed sense of them truly fitting the bill or otherwise.

Spot important traits

There are some very important traits you should look out for. You can tailor this to your own liking, but we find it’s absolutely important for Shopify experts to be:

  • Communicative
  • Inquisitive
  • Reliable
  • Courteous
  • Empathetic

Find great Shopify experts using Lorem

When you’re ready to shop for a professional and reliable Shopify expert, we urge you to try out our product, Lorem. Lorem will connect you with the best possible fit for your current project. 

You can put your worries about finding the right person for the job to rest. Chat with a Lorem expert today.

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