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6 Best Cities to Work Remotely in When the Weather Gets Cold

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Check out this guest post from our partner, Remote Year.

When the weather outside gets frightful, there’s only one thing to do: bail.

Sure, the snow and cold is fun for a few days (maybe even a few weeks!), but after awhile, you probably find yourself sick of the frigid temperatures, and ready to feel sunshine and warmth on your face.

That’s when you pack up your laptop, throw the necessities into a carry-on bag (or a checked bag or two - we won’t judge), and book a flight to a city that was made for remote workers escaping winter. These are the cities that are known for warm temps, great WiFi speeds, and proximity to a beach or two.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

6 Best Cities to Work Remotely in When the Weather Gets Cold

To give this list global relevance, as “winter” is a relative term depending on where you are, we split up our recommendations based on where you’re normally located. Take a look through all of your options, and start making plans for where you’re going to head to when you feel that first sign of a winter chill.

If you normally live and work in the Northern Hemisphere…


Average Winter Temperature: 84℉/29℃

We can’t sing enough praises for Santiago, the capital city of Chile. In December, it is warm enough for you to sit outside and work, with temperatures hovering around the mid-80’s in Fahrenheit. If the weather alone isn’t enough to make you want to take a break from the coworking space or a local café in favor of an outdoor office, the views will surely convince you. Santiago is surrounded by the stunning Andes mountains and endemic forests, urging you to take inspiration from their beauty. If you want to get away from snow and slush, this is the place to head to.

Cape Town

Average Winter Temperature: 75℉/24℃

The Mother City is another hotspot for remote workers when winter weather hits the Northern Hemisphere. This is a city that thrives at the end of the year, with bright sun, sandy beaches, and endless options for avid hikers. If you plan on staying for the entire winter, you’ll have the opportunity to attend the many music festivals that come to Cape Town, or indulge in a trip to a nearby winery to taste famous South African vintages. The food is great, the WiFi is quick, and you’re only ever steps away from a new adventure. What more could you ask for from a snowbird destination?


Average Winter Temperature: 77℉/25℃

Lima is lovely for many reasons, but its draw as a winter getaway may be one of its most underrated features. This city by the sea is a top culinary destination, home to many of the world’s most talented up-and-coming chefs, with cuisines varied enough to satisfy any palette. This is the season for incredible surfing conditions - even if you’ve never hopped on a board before, this could be your chance to check off one of your New Year’s resolutions. Picture yourself enjoying the freshest ceviche that you’ve ever tasted as you press “send” on your final client project of the week, knowing that you deserve that pisco sour you’re going to order later. This is the way that winter was meant to spent.

If you normally live and work in the Southern Hemisphere…


Average Winter Temperature: 85℉/30℃

“Winter” in the Southern Hemisphere never gets to a blistering level of cold, but if you’re craving more direct heat than a mild warmth, Valencia is calling. This city is known for its incredible quality of life. With its focus on arts and sciences, creative energy, and many modern amenities, this is a city  ahead of its time. Here, you can bike from the boardroom through lush parks and organized city centers to the beach, soaking up sun rays along the way as you contemplate your next meal. Will you choose paella valenciana or skip straight to dessert and order horchata and fartons? Perhaps you’ll decide to take a seaside siesta instead. The possibilities are endless here.


Average Winter Temperature: 87℉/30℃

Kyoto is a bit hot and humid during this time of year, but the stickiness is offset by the array of festivals that take place over the course of the season. From Tanbata and the Obon bonfires to the River Lantern Festival in July, you’ll have the chance not only to avoid chillier temperatures in your home city, but also to experience Japanese culture firsthand while you’re away. Take this chance to wander through the many traditional temples still found in Kyoto, walk along bridges that intersect slow moving waterways, and allow yourself to be transported by the values of respect and dignity that make Kyoto so magical.


Average Winter Temperature: 82℉/28℃

Ah, Medellín, the City of Eternal Spring. This is a city that you’ll want to visit year round, as the temperatures don’t vary much in one direction or the other. Each day you’ll experience a rainfall - that’s what keeps this destination so incredibly lush and forever-blooming. Don’t let that stop you from making this your winter home away from home, rain doesn’t last forever here, and, when it lifts, you’ll feel the sun on your skin and remember why you chose this city. This is a place with an entrepreneurial spirit and a determined heart, recently rebuilt after a tumultuous past into a thriving community-oriented destination. You’ll find all the amenities that you need in Medellín, and perhaps make a few connections and lifelong memories along the way.

Ready to get out of the cold, and experience the life you’ve been wanting to live? You can visit all of these cities (and other up-and-coming destinations!) on a Remote Year work and travel program.

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