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The 7 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps (2019)

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Thinking of dropshipping with Shopify? Don’t jump on it yet until you’ve read our article.

You see, dropshipping and Shopify are two halves of a great whole. In fact, you’ve probably heard countless dropshipping success stories and many of those stores are most likely built with Shopify.

What makes Shopify the ideal place to do dropshipping on is the third-party apps that automate the entire thing and make it 10x easier.

Which, in hindsight, is the very point of doing dropshipping. It’s a low-cost, low-effort business model that works if you put in enough work to it. It’s a highly viable passive income stream that many entrepreneurs aspire to achieve.

That’s the reason why we have written this post. To help entrepreneurs like you find the best dropshipping apps to use on Shopify. We have scoured the entire Shopify App Store so we can point you to seven apps that we think are your best bet when it comes to doing dropshipping on the Shopify platform.

Along with that, we are also giving a bit of a breather on what dropshipping is and what makes it such a great business model to use, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.

In today’s guide, you’ll learn:

  • How does dropshipping work?
  • Why would you want to start dropshipping?
  • How to start your dropshipping business using Shopify
  • The 7 best Shopify dropshipping apps
  • Get Started: Build your dropshipping business today

Ready to get started? Great. Let’s get learning.

How does dropshipping work?

In a nutshell, dropshipping allows you to run an online business, without having to take care of inventory, packaging, and shipping yourself.

In short, it’s e-commerce with less of the stress.

So how does dropshipping work? 

Dropshipping lets you source relatively inexpensive products from a supplier and sell it in your own store for profit. What’s unique about dropshipping is that you do all of this virtually: when a customer makes a purchase from your store, your supplier is notified to fulfill the order and send it to the customer.

Think of dropshipping as being a middleman between your customer and your supplier. 

A lot of entrepreneurs like the idea of this because you don’t have to store, pack, or ship the products yourself, making it a very easy business model to sink your teeth deep into.

Why would you want to start dropshipping?

There are many reasons why you’d want to try to dropship. Here are just a couple.

It’s relatively easy to pull off

If you’re looking to get your start as an entrepreneur, dropshipping is the tastiest low-hanging fruit you can make sweet money from.

Because you’re relieved of pesky admin tasks like inventory and shipping, you get more time to focus on sales and marketing—things that matter doubly in e-commerce.

It’s inexpensive (kind of)

Though it’s not a completely free endeavor, dropshipping is significantly cheaper than other e-commerce business models.

This is great for two things: 1.) you can pour your resources into marketing your products, and 2.) you have a bigger wiggle room for mistakes, which is absolutely essential for first-time entrepreneurs (or even established ones)

It’s a very fun way of earning money

Though it can sound simplistic from the outside, dropshippers quickly learn that dropshipping is a fun challenge to crack.

A big part of it is finding products that sell, figuring out the right marketing strategy, and a whole lot of optimizing for growth. It will stretch you out if you’re not on your toes, and that makes dropshipping a really great first business.

Just listen to Sebastian Ghiorghiu, who recounts the lessons he’s learned as a first-time Shopify dropshipping entrepreneur. 

Watch his video:

How to start your dropshipping business using Shopify

Starting your dropshipping business is fairly straightforward. 

If you follow the simple steps we have laid down below, you’ll end up with a pretty solid dropshipping business.

Step One: Find a winning product 

A very crucial first step. 

You can find one in sites like AliExpress or through apps like Oberlo (more on this later).

Do NOT reinvent the wheel. Find products that are already selling like hotcakes. Check sites like Google Trends as well to see if interest for that product is rising or plummeting.

Step Two: Build your brand 

Create a simple but recognizable brand. 

People buy online because of your branding; they find comfort and satisfaction when they buy from a brand. 

You can create your own by hiring a branding designer from sites like Fiverr.

Step Three: Create your store (and social media) 

Time to create your store. Go to Shopify, sign up for the 14-day free trial. 

Get a domain name. Build your Shopify store. 

And along with everything, your social media pages. Facebook and Instagram are a must.

Step Four: Validate your product’s stickiness 

Once you have everything set up, test if the “winning” product you’ve chosen will actually sell.

What entrepreneurs do is they test it out via Facebook or Instagram. Some will hire influencers to get themselves a shoutout and see how much sales they will get.

If all looks good and you’re earning from the tests, it’s time to scale.

Step Five: Go all in!

Once you have confirmed that you have a truly winning product in your hands, it’s time to scale your efforts.

Build an email list and use automations and workflows that puts you out of the picture, making your dropshipping more of a passive rather than a proactive affair.

And that’s all there is to it. Rinse and repeat if you find yourself successful.

The 7 best Shopify dropshipping apps 

So you want to start your dropshipping business with Shopify, and you’re ready to connect with suppliers. It’s time to find you the best tools to get to the deed.

These are our most recommended apps for dropshipping on Shopify. They will get you up and running quick and easy.

#1: Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the most popular Shopify dropshipping apps. It’s quite loved, and that comes from the smooth integration it makes between Shopify and suppliers like AliExpress.

The app, much to the joy of many users, is very easy to use, with great UX/UI that makes even beginners able to find the way around the app easily.


Starter: FREE (500 products + 50 orders)

Basic: $29.90/month (10,00 products + 500 orders)

Pro: $79.90/month (30,000 products + unlimited orders)

#2: Spocket

If you’re not into AliExpress, you’ll find Spocket to be a great alternative to Oberlo. Spocket connects dropshippers with US and EU suppliers. This means you’ll get higher-quality products from US and EU-based companies. It also means that you can get your products to your customers faster (as fast as 2 to 5 business days).

The drawback, however, is that the products might not be as inexpensive as other apps. You will probably have to snip quite a bit of your margins.


Basic: FREE (25 products + unlimited orders)

Global: $29.90 (250 products + unlimited orders)

#3: Printful

Printful is a print-on-demand dropshipping app that integrates fully with Shopify. 

If you want to sell custom shirts, sweaters, leggings, pillows, mugs, phone cases, and more, Printful makes the entire production so simple and easy.

What’s more, Printful offers a suite of marketing tools including on-site mockup generators which you can use to not only preview your product but to use as retail images as well.


FREE (no monthly plan)

#4: MXED

There’s a huge market for pop culture, and with MXED you can start dropship items from huge media franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Pokemon, Street Fighter, and more!

This is a rare opportunity for any entrepreneur because as you’ll know licensing products can be a huge pain. With MXED, you can start selling licensed products and ride off the backs of the successes of these huge mega-franchises.


Basic: FREE (10 products + 20 orders)

Pro: $49/month (250 products + 500 orders)

Expert: $69/month (500 products + unlimited orders)

#5: Modalyst

If you’re particular about quality, then Modalyst might be a great option for your store. Modalyst bridges dropshippers with high-quality apparel brands from all over the world. 

From the tech side of things, Modalyst directly integrates to your store and allows you to manage orders natively. However, one drawback is that since brands on Modalyst don’t have a unified brand-to-dealer experience, you might run into different issues per-brand along the way.


Membership: $35/month

#6: Kite

Like Printful, Kite also offers print-on-demand services and is great for dropshipping.

But what makes Kite unique is that they have even more product options than Printful. You can make custom designs for flip flops, photo books, greeting cards, stickers, wall art, and so much more.


FREE (no monthly plan)

#7: Gooten

Another on-demand printing and dropshipping business, Gooten is also popular among dropshippers. 

Where it differs is in their offerings, which include kitchen & bathroom products, accessories, home decor, photobooks, prints, cards, wall art, apparel, pet products and so much more.

Ir’s point noting however that unlike Kite and Printful, Gooten doesn’t offer any branding services (which means orders won’t have your brand name in the packaging)


FREE (no monthly plan)

Get Started: Build your dropshipping business today

Now that you’re done reading this guide, you have every information you need to start your dropshipping business. We wish you the best of luck with your business. 

If you ever run into an issue with your Shopify store, know that our talented team of Lorem experts are always happy to help out.

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