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7 Best Wordpress Popup Plugins to Use on Wordpress

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Anyone will agree; popups are notorious for being invasive, spammy, and just overall annoying.

It’s infuriating when a popup ad obscures the article you’re reading or the video you’re watching. Understandably, popups have a bad reputation, both for readers and marketers.

But when done correctly, popups can actually be effective in engaging and gathering valuable information from your Wordpress site’s visitors. On this post, we’re breaking down how you can use Wordpress popup plugins to rack up your lead generation and sales.

Tips when using Popup Plugins on Wordpress

It’s not just your readers who are wary of popups. Google itself also hates intrusive ads that cover up content on a website. Pages that use intrusive interstitials will have a hard time ranking in search, especially in mobile.

To make sure that popups make rather than break the user-experience of your site, here are some friendly tips to follow when using popup plugins on Wordpress:

Find the right timing to show popups

Visitors are more likely to leave your site if they are interrupted by a popup right after the page loads. And you can’t have that- so time your popups perfectly.

There are Wordpress popup plugins now that can customize when a popup will appear. For instance, you can have it appear after the visitor spends a certain time on your site, or when they have scrolled down to the bottom of the page.

Don’t cover up content

Popups become especially annoying when they keep you from accessing the content that you want. Intrusive popups that cover up the main content of an article or video may have Google slap you with a penalty sanction. The Google Webmasters blog specifically states that “pages, where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results, may not rank as highly”.

Choose the right messaging

Your site visitors actually won’t mind popups if its messaging is relevant or helpful to their problems. For example, discounts or promotional offers are definitely enticing to visitors who have been browsing your e-commerce site for a while.

A nice visual and a good copy also helps in making your popup more engaging, and less spammy.

pink balloon tied on white wooden chair

The Best Wordpress Popup Plugins to Use on Wordpress

Popups can make or break your Wordpress site. But if you find the right ones, they can significantly improve the overall experience of your site’s visitors.

Here are the best Wordpress Popup Plugins to use on Wordpress:


If you have an online business, you can use SumoMe to offer discount codes, and even track ROI.

It features an all-in-one marketing toolkit that includes Heat Maps, Push Notifications, and a Live Chat that engages potential customers when they have inquiries before a purchase. The exit-intent feature allows you to show a message to your site visitors when they are about to leave your cart or checkout pages. Offer them a discount or a good deal to encourage them to shop or stay a little bit longer.

But even if you’re not a business owner, SumoMe is still helpful in growing your email subscribers, whether your site is for personal or professional use, using SumoMe integrates your website to major email subscribers, letting you have a mailing list that’s updated real-time.


Basic Features: FREE

Professional: $29 / month | $276 / year

eCommerce: $79 / month | $756 / year


OptinMonster is the ultimate Wordpress popup if your goal is to generate leads from your current traffic and convert them into actual buying customers.

The process is easy-peasy.

First, you design your popup. You can choose from different pre-built templates, or you can make one on your own. The popup builder lets you create visually appealing popups with a simple drag-and-drop.

Next, you can time when and where the popup will appear on your site. You may customize your popup targeting based on how much time they’ve spent on your site, how many pages they’ve viewed, or even when they’re about to leave your online store.

Some of OptinMonster’s other key features include the OnSite Retargeting® and Personalization, which shows distinct offers to different kinds of visitors, regardless if they are a customer, a returning visitor, or if they’re on your site for the first time.


Basic: $9 / month (billed annually)

Plus: $19 / month (billed annually)

Pro: $29 / month (billed annually)

Growth: $49 / month (billed annually)

Ninja Popups

If your primary objective for using popups is to grow your mailing list, Ninja Popups is one of the best options. Ninja Popups is integrated with over 40 popular mailing systems like HubSpot, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, JetPack, ConvertKit, and many more.

Ninja Popups also comes with mailing system support, in case you need extra help with your subscription strategies.

Another interesting feature is the Opt-in Locker, where you can lock certain content with your popup until visitors perform a certain task like subscribing to your mailing list. This is useful for generating more leads and growing your email subscribers.


Regular License: $26

Extended Support: $7.88


Other than its extensive mailing list features, one of ConvertPro’s primary selling points is its design capabilities. Whether you’re a creative or not, coming up with beautiful popup designs are incredibly easy.

ConvertPro’s collection of ready-to-use, professionally designed templates are regularly updated in the cloud, giving you access to new templates as they are uploaded. No coding skills required when you use their drag-and-drop editor for your customized design. ConvertPro has a mobile editor too, so you can make certain edits to your popup, even while on the go.

Triggers that time when a popup will appear is also an advanced ConvertPro feature. Display your popup using different triggers like timing, user activity, and even user inactivity. You also have full control over where these popups will appear, and who you show them to.


Annual Convert Pro: $99

Annual Agency Bundle: $249

Lifetime Convert Pro: $399

Lifetime Agency Bundle: $699

Popup Maker

Popup Maker is as straightforward as its name. It offers a list of functionalities that can help you create the popup that works best for your Wordpress site.

Use the editor to build, resize, and even animate different kinds of popup materials such as banners, floating stickies, lightboxes, and more. Conditions and Click Triggers allow you to perfectly time when, where, and to whom your popups will appear, making sure that they do not get in the way of your customer’s experience.

All of the Popups you create in Popup Maker are responsive, making them work well with different screens and devices. This is a great feature, given that Google is known to penalize websites that don’t properly show their content on mobile


Basic Features: FREE

Extensions Bundle: $16 / month (billed annually)


While many popup plugins for Wordpress offer user-based, and time-based targeting, Icegram takes it a bit further with device-based targeting. This feature lets you customize the popup that you’re making based on the device where it will be viewed, whether it’s on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop. This is extremely helpful given that many online users use more than one devices when viewing content. It helps greatly with SEO too!

But there’s more to Icegram than well-timed popups. You can choose from a variety of opt-in form elements, including header and footer bars, notifications, and slide-in messengers. If you get the premium add-ons, you get even more customization options including badges, inlines, stickies, overlays, and many others.


Basic: FREE

Pro: $97 / year

Max: $147 / year


Bloom’s popups exemplify user experience optimized for lead generation.

With Bloom, you can set the triggers to appear only after your visitors have already consumed your content. For example, you can set a trigger after they’ve scrolled past a point in your page, after purchasing, after commenting, after a certain time of inactivity.

Bloom can also detect if your users have already reached the bottom of your post, so you can invite them to subscribe when they have already read through your whole content.

Choose from over a hundred pre-made templates. You can customize the borders, orientation, and colors to make it feel like it truly belonged to your site. Bloom’s elegant designs look gorgeous out-of-the-box on mobile and desktop.

Pricing (Elegant Themes):

Yearly Access: $89 / year

Lifetime Access: $249

Popups help lock in new leads

Though they don’t exactly leave a good taste in the mouth, popups can significantly help with lead generation and sales. With the above tips and resources, we hope you get to a good starting point in building your first popup for your Wordpress site.

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