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If you’re determined to hire a freelancer, you’ve probably struggled with choosing the most suitable place to hire new members of your team. You’ve probably encountered a plethora of freelancing platforms, including renowned websites like PeoplePerHour. 

But with all these options out there, you might be wondering: Is PeoplePerHour the perfect fit for your business? 

PeoplePerHour prides itself on being a purpose-driven business fueled by helping clients build their businesses and connecting them to freelancers breaking the nine-to-five routine and asserting independence while earning income. The intuitive platform also boasts payment security, which gives clients a peace of mind as they know they’re putting their money in safe hands. 

Founded in 2007, PeoplePerHour has been in the freelancing industry longer than Ask Lorem and has garnered a lot of reviews. Although it’s cemented its presence as a freelancing platform, their services are not for everyone, and an industry insider is here to help you understand if PeoplePerHour is the best space to hire a freelancer for your venture. 

But before we get on with sifting through what clients have to say about PeoplePerHour, we ought to introduce ourselves, since you’re probably wondering why we’re here discussing this matter in the first place!

We’re Lorem and we connect you to a carefully curated team of web developers, designers and marketers. We specialize in aiding small businesses and entrepreneurs with their Shopify, WordPress and Squarespace sites. As opposed to PeoplePerHour, we are more focused on a niche and we connect you with freelancers on a project-basis.

But wait, since we’re working as a freelancer platform, doesn’t that make us a PeoplePerHour rival? 

That is much is true, and while we’re at it, we see no harm in engaging in a discussion about our competitors, if only to provide you with valuable insight based on our journey as a freelancing platform and our knowledge as a competitor. We know that determining the best freelance site for you is no easy task, so we want to stick around and help you nitpick a name that already has its roots firmly planted on the market.  

Look at it this way: Instead of reading repetitive assessments, we can give you a refreshing perspective on PeoplePerHour reviews.

You might think that we’re fairly new to the game and that more established freelancing platforms like PeoplePerHour are more reliable, but hear us out on this one: experience doesn’t equal quality. 

Lorem is a promising new platform making a grand entrance, and when it comes to delivering quality output, that’s where we come through. 

You can even see it in several trusted sites, where users have given us generous reviews. Our ratings are close to five out of five stars---a testament to our reliability and professionalism. 

So without further ado, let’s get to the PeoplePerHour reviews!

PeoplePerHour---What’s All This Noise About? 

To get truthful, reliable reviews on on our competitor, we’ve turned to TrustPilot. PeoplePerHour has published select stories about clients they’ve previously worked with, but its site as well as its Facebook page lacks reviews from customers. 

While there are plenty of sites that have reviewed PeoplePerHour’s different aspects, we decided to focus on exploring client experience and quality of service---two things you and other customers ought to be mindful about when choosing where to hire the most suitable freelancers. 

TrustPilot is as old as PeoplePerHour itself, and over the years, PeoplePerHour has earned 2,017 substantial reviews on the reputable site. PeoplePerHour has a stellar rating, so far, with four-star, “Great” rating; however…

  1. While its “Excellent” ratings account for 57 percent of PeoplePerHour’s status in TrustPilot, it’s not easy to dismiss the contrasting 27 percent ratings that deemend PeoplePerHour’s services as “Bad.” It comes awfully next to the 57 percent five-star ratings, and we think that says a lot. 
  2. Seven percent of users think PeoplePerHour’s services are either “Poor” or “Average,” something you wouldn’t settle for that you’re on the lookout for the best freelancer platform. 
  3. Clients have also said that PeoplePerHour comes across as just “Great,” which means there’s still room for improvement in their services. 

But if you look at the reviews more closely and examine the voices behind them, you’ll find that most of the four and five-star reviews come from freelancers and not clients! That’s not fair, considering that we’re looking at these reviews to determine whether or not we’ll end up hiring freelancers from their site in the first place. 

These reviews present nothing but freelancers tooting their own horn. They don’t give you a fair glimpse at what PeoplePerHour can offer from individuals who have entrusted their businesses and enterprises to them. 

Moreover, other users have called out these reviews for being “purchased,” which rules them as skeptical and unreliable.  

But how does Lorem rise up these ratings? We’re new to the game, but based on our four reviews on TrustPilot and our 35 reviews on reviews.io, we can say we’re doing pretty amazing. Our Trust score amounts to “Great” and we have a stellar 4.99 rating on reviews.io. Despite being newcomers, you can see that our clients trust us and that they’re generally happy with our services. We have yet to gather more reviews online, but if you stick around long enough, you’ll get to see us live long and prosper! 

But enough of that! Let’s get down to business and look into some reviews from PeoplePerHour customers. Here’s an alarming review from Yasin Ozdemir: 

“It seems anyone can be a freelancer on PPH and when I mean anyone, i mean ANYONE. I got scammed on PPH so I contacted support for help with retrieving my funds. They told me that I should never release any payments until the job is completed but the freelancer said they required a partial payment released to start the project for which I complied. I never received any form a reimbursement from PPH which only means that ANYONE including SCAMMERS can be on PPH.”

Yasin’s not the only victim here. We also have one user from Ireland who says: 

“There are a lot of scam in there and PPh doesn’t seem to care. There are a lot of fake freelancers who can’t really do the work as they said, some just buy the profile of some successful freelancer on the site, etc. So, there is a scam everywhere but at least the owner of the platform must do something about it.”

Yikes! Now that’s the last thing I would want to happen to me when looking for a freelancer! 

Concerns like these are what inspired us to device a more thorough examination for freelancers who wish to put up their services on Lorem. We want our clients to have the best experience and to receive high quality output from trusted people. 

We have a strong gatekeeping procedure when it comes to our experts. First, every freelancer on Lorem is thoroughly evaluated by our team. We put them on the hot seat, drilling them on their experience to make sure they’re not scammers. Besides this, applicants must also go through a 30-minute video interview to assess customer services. 

Furthermore, 90 percent of our experts are based in the US, with a number of them scattered across English-speaking countries in Europe and Australia. Some experts are also expats abroad who grew up in the US. With this, you can be sure that language barrier wouldn’t be a hassle. 

Here’s another review that most PeoplePerHour users have pointed to, when asked about the site’s performance: 

“Their reply is a canned response they give everyone who complains. They set up an escrow account that they "have no power over", their support is unable to do anything to settle disputes which begs the question why have support or escrow. It's all show, they do nothing to earn the fees they charge. They are shady and useless.” 

At Lorem, we’re dedicated to making sure you receive more than just an automated response. We’ve seen this problem before in other freelance sites, and we’ve learned from it, giving you a trusted partnership with our experts. 

Lorem’s customer service is sure to pair you with the most fitting expert for your project. Our services cost more compared to our competitors because we tailor each project you post to your needs and we respond to your queries or troubles---not that you’d encounter them---across multiple platforms. We’re ever ready to assist you and give you the best client experience over the phone, through e-mail or within Lorem’s website itself. 

Here’s another client review that strikes another pertinent point: 

“It's called People Per Hour, just don't hire anybody by the hour! There's a clause buried on deep on line 8000 of their terms and conditions called a payment processing fee. This fee is charged at 10% on top of the invoice price despite no payment processors charging anywhere near this amount. It's a disguised buyers fee that's not mentioned anywhere on the site or at any point during agreeing a price for a job, completion of a job or even on the invoice.” 

Here’s another one covering the same scope: 

“They stole our money when we tried to get a refund because the freelancer raised his price in middle of the process they just refused and made themselves impossible. 

I really urge people to avoid this fraud company.”

One more thing: 

“You'll basically agree to have a job done at a fixed price, pay for what you think is the fixed price then get charged additional hidden fees. I can't believe what they do is actually legal, unfortunately I haven't got the time and money to reclaim what I've lost.”

This is what makes Lorem stand out from our competitors. 

We believe that projects should have a fixed price; hence, 95 percent of the jobs on Lorem are done for a fixed rate instead of the hourly rate PeoplePerHour is known for. We work like this because we believe it’s better for customers to get straight to the point and know how much a service is going to cost. It also benefits our resident experts, as they can accomplish the task correctly and quickly at an efficient pace. 

Besides that, we’re upfront about how we charge our clients, so you’re sure to have no surprise once the job gets done. Our experts’ price range are typically between $50 to $100 an hour, a bit more than what you’d normally see on PeoplePerHour, but hey, you’re paying for quality service here, and nothing high quality ever comes cheap.  

We don’t play around our customers. What we quote you is what you pay for and what we promise you is definitely what you’ll get! Sure, we might price things a little higher, but at least you’re guaranteed topnotch service in the market!

Just look at our rave reviews at ProductHunt

Should You Use PeoplePerHour? 

Although we’ve raised some significant points here, the final decision rests in your hands. 

Sure, you can find some good eggs in PeoplePerHour, but there are also unprofessional freelancers who are only signed up to take up your money without taking your business seriously. 

We might be new in the scene, but we offer expertise and professionalism like no other. If you want to grow your business by working with a certified web developer, designer or marketer, then Lorem is the place for you. 

After all, at the end of the day, it’s not about how long you’ve been in the industry but how well you deliver.

Why Lorem? 

With Lorem, we can ensure your business or enterprise thrives with us because we only hire the cream of the crop to join our team of experts. Less than 10 percent of applicants make it to our team and all of them go through a rigorous process before becoming an expert. 

We look at their technical skills: Can they rise up to the challenge of getting the job done and providing the best client experience to our customers? Next, we examine their experience and credentials. Lastly, we filter the applicants by conducting a 30-minute interview that tests their customer service skills and runs them through several scenarios to see how they respond. 

We do this because it’s important for us to pair you with true and trustworthy experts, just like Ellie, Olivia, Jessica, Erin and Tim. Our reviews across the web even mention their names because they’re that noteworthy! 

Besides helping you fix, build and customize your websites, Lorem can take care of looking for and managing the perfect freelancer for your job listing. We make everything smooth and easy for you once you press our “instant help” button. We match you with a freelance developer or designer most suitable for your project. We’re also embedded in other products such as WordPress, which makes us easy to reach. 

We thrive in niche work, and since we’re more focused on a particular service we can guarantee you a hands-on experience that will have you coming back once the need arises. 

What’s more is that we don’t have hidden fees or monthly fees. Our experts charge per project, which is great for small teams and startups. 

So if you want only the best for your business, we encourage you give Lorem a try. Who knows? Trying something new might actually surprise you! 

If you have any concerns or inquiries, feel free to hit us up or e-mail us at support@asklorem.com. We have a committed project manager and success team ready to assist you. We’ve helped businesses thrive, and we are looking forward to working with you too! 

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