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Can I Trust Fiverr?

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Founded in 2010, Fiverr is a freelance hiring platform for any digital service needed.  It began by advertising itself as a site where one can get any service for just $5.  This was a bit misleading to buyers on the site, as freelancers were free to charge upwards of the $5 base price.  Fiverr has since stopped marketing their platform at this rate.  There are over 3 million freelancers worldwide on the site, and it is up to the buyer to vet and hire their sellers. 

Our goal at Lorem is that the platform offers a faster, more human experience. We have 24/7 access to developers and designers with no monthly fee.  The freelancers on Lorem are all rigorously vetted before they can offer their services, so buyers are guaranteed high-quality, professional work at an affordable price.  Lorem will match buyers with their ideal freelancers.  We only use native English speakers, so there is no language barrier to overcome.

What do the reviews say?

Trustpilot has been around for over 10 years and is one of the top trusted review sites online. 

They have over 1,000 Fiverr reviews, with over 50% of them categorized as “Bad”.  There are favorable reviews – 39% rate Fiverr as “Excellent” and “Great”.  Looking at the review descriptions, they are simplistic and easy to read.   However, the negative reviews are all very detailed from both sellers and buyers.  Most of the negative reviews from buyers deal with the low quality of the work that is purchased for cheap.  The other reviews deal with the poor customer support service provided by Fiverr.

Purchased a number of gigs from different sellers for a project I was working on and without question—ALL of them we the worst quality i've ever seen. NONE of them even came 10% close to what I was told I was purchasing. Absolutely impossible to claim your money back. This company wrote the book on stopping you from getting your money back. 100% DISGRACE!!!!

Additional reviews of Fiverr are not aggregate reviews but are based on single user experiences published on the web.   In a Google search of Fiverr reviews, the top video hit is a YouTuber named Jason Whaling. Jason gives a disclaimer that he has also provided a positive video on Fiverr, but that video is buried in the search results – which means his warning to stay away from Fiverr has a lot more hits. 

Jason complains that the sellers do not provide quality work.  The freelancers are not native English speakers, and that language barrier can be an impediment in pricing negotiations and work delivered.  When Jason does move forward with a gig, upon reaching out to freelancers he finds that pricing increases most of the time from what was initially listed, which leads to a lot of wasted time in negotiations.  The refund policy on Fiverr is such that the buyer does not receive their money back, they receive “credit” back.  So, a purchase of $300 will go back to the buyer, but it will stay on the Fiverr platform and the buyer can only use that refund on Fiverr.

How do we compare?

Trustpilot gives Lorem 5 stars across the board from buyers with fast responses being a major factor.  Freelancers are quick to respond to buyers, with a quick turnaround time on high quality work.  Product Hunt also gives us a 5 out of 5 rating, focused on the ease of connecting with experts and getting the finished product without delay.

Lorem is full of quick, responsive, hand vetted experts! They can handle all sorts of tasks, from a quick fix on a broken site to a full on design and development project. Communication is easy with their custom built platform. Highly recommended.

We have 93 reviews on Reviews.io, with 92 of them giving 5 stars.  All of these 5 star reviews center around the quick responses from the freelancers.  A notable theme among these rave reviews is the professional insights the freelancers had to offer.  Buyers are consistently happy with receiving input and feedback from the freelancers in a constructive, positive and professional way, making the end product all the more valuable.  The lone 4 star review was a rave buyer review.

Cristina, Pletorica Designs, was exactly what I needed. She listened, help me define what was possible and was very knowledgeable about future development to my site. Very competent, delivered things on time and most of all enjoyable to work with on a daily basis.

A search for dedicated, single site reviews also turns up plentiful results. BloggingTips.com gives a very in-depth review, from affordable rates to how to use our platform.  The Creative Folks also give a run-down on how easy it is to use Lorem complete with screenshots of the process.  The conclusion? 

As a creative media, we think Ask Lorem is ideal. 

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