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Client spotlight: Adhawk

Client Spotlight
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As a company that helps businesses with their website needs, we’re in the lucky position of meeting and learning from some of the most creative business owners and entrepreneurs.  In this interview series, we ask companies we love working with to give us insight in how they got started and how they manage their busy days.

This week, we spoke with Bobby Stemper, Director of Marketing at Adhawk.

Bobby Stemper, Director of Marketing at Adhawk

Tell us about Adhawk.

AdHawk helps small and medium sized businesses and agencies report, manage, and optimize their Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. We leverage a customizable suite of reporting tools and machine-learning optimizations to help businesses simplify their efforts and grow reliably online.

Google AdWords Reporting

What was the motivation to start Adhawk?

Our co-founders left the AdWords team at Google to help automate the daily tasks marketers & business owners need to be doing to achieve predictable revenue on Google Ads. Every business faces the same problems, so we built AdHawk to help businesses of all shapes and sizes improve performance and gain confidence in their paid advertising efforts.

Google AdWords performance reports

We bet the small and medium businesses love the time they save using Adhawk to manage their marketing campaigns. As a busy marketer yourself, what are 3 digital tools you rely on to get your work done?

Though AdHawk has more than 60 employees, we run a fairly lean marketing team. Efficiency is everything for me, so I use Slack to aggregate all my communication and notifications into one place. My second favorite tool is Trello for task management and process tracking. Finally, Lorem is my 3rd favorite tool because it helps our business and marketing teams work quickly and independently of our product team. (aww, thanks Bobby 😉)

What do you like about using Lorem and working with Lorem experts?

Lorem allows me to get things done when I want, how I want. Though we have an internal engineering team, it's tough to fit everything from small bug fixes to larger feature requests into their roadmap and workflow. Lorem gives me a personal development team at my disposable, keeping our team lean, fast, and efficient.
– Bobby Stemper, Director of Marketing

Working at a startup, you've probably heard a lot of advice about how to grow a business. What's your favorite?

I'm always balancing two schools of thought:

  1. "Do things that don't scale" - Rapid production and iteration are much more efficient than trying to blueprint and build Rome in a day.
  2. "Replace yourself with systems" - In the first 3 years of growing AdHawk, I focused on projects that would run automatically, like SEO, paid search, website development, and referral programs. I'm still reaping the benefits of these systems while working on totally new stuff in the meantime!

Great stuff, Bobby! We love that you look to Lorem as your personal web developer. We can't wait to see how you continue to help the team grow in the months to come.

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