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Client spotlight: Hydrant

Client Spotlight
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As a company that helps businesses with their website needs, we’re in the lucky position of meeting and learning from some of the most creative business owners and entrepreneurs.  In this interview series, we ask companies we love working with to give us insight in how they got started and how they manage their busy days.

This week, we spoke with John Sherwin, the co-founder and CEO of Hydrant, a startup focused on keeping us hydrated.

John Sherwin, CEO of Hydrant

Tell us about your company.

Hydrant is redefining health and wellness, beginning with extremely effective hydration, in powder form.

What was your motivation to start your business?

I live a dehydrating lifestyle, and existing products all came with baggage. In some cases it was just that they were ineffective, in others it was an awful taste, and probably the worst issue was a crazy amount of sugar in a lot of these drinks.

As a busy entrepreneur, what are your favorite digital tools you use to get your work done?

Shopify has to get a mention, it's what our site runs on and has made the process of getting started seamless. The Google Suite is priceless - it's not an exciting digital tool, but it makes the day-to-day operations of our company hum. I think Mailchimp has got to be the 3rd one. It's not that their solution is stand out better than others, but it integrates with everything and makes our lives that much easier.

What do you like about using Lorem and working with Lorem experts?

Speed is probably the main thing. The first time I used Lorem, I just needed a simple button, that matched the other buttons on my site. I had a quote within 5 minutes, and the code for the button which I now use in many places on the website within an hour or two.  Money well spent!

And finally, what’s your favorite advice about growing a startup?

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. In the early days, you're riding that cliché roller coaster with the ups and downs. It's very hard to disentangle yourself from the ups and downs of people placing orders. It's important to detach yourself from it, and keep producing work. Checking your sales dashboard every hour isn't going to get you any more sales!

Thanks John! We can’t get enough of Hydrant and love that we were able to handle your site’s small tweaks so you can focus on taking on the hydration and beverage industry.

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