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Client spotlight: Part and Sum

Client Spotlight
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As a company that helps businesses with their website needs, we’re in the lucky position of meeting and learning from some of the most creative business owners and entrepreneurs.  In this interview series, we ask companies we love working with to give us insight in how they got started and how they manage their busy days.

This week, we spoke with Julie Babb, Managing Director at Part and Sum, a marketing consultancy.

Julie Babb, Managing Director at Part and Sum

Hi Julie, thanks for chatting with us. Tell us more about your company.

Part and Sum is a marketing consultancy that works across industries with a specialty in luxury, e-commerce and innovation work. We partner with our clients to tackle their marketing goals, such as acquiring new customers, expanding into new markets and launching new brands and products.

What was your motivation to start Part and Sum?

Our offering was born from a desire to tackle marketing and innovation work in a less siloed and more iterative way. Specifically, we are working to bridge performance and brand marketing - a division that is the result of the rapid development of marketing technology and data tools. But it doesn't have to be that way. By bringing these practices together, we're able to deliver marketing systems and big ideas validated by data. We are able to test and learn our way to success.

Very cool. We know how difficult it can be to bring together performance and brand marketing in an effective way. As a busy entrepreneur, what are the tools you rely on to get your work done?

Thanks! At Lorem, we rely on Google Analytics and Usertesting.com too. Speaking of, why do you like using Lorem for your website projects?

I LOVE that it is easy to start a project with a simple chat session. When I need something clearcut done, I can skip the time-consuming step of combing my network for the perfect collaborator and comparing quotes. Lorem is reliable, quick and reasonable.

Last question, what's your favorite advice about growing a business?

“Spend zero time on what you could have done, and devote all of your time on what you might do.”
– Ben Horowitz, The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

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