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Client spotlight: stREITwise

Client Spotlight
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As a company that helps businesses with their website needs, we’re in the lucky position of meeting and learning from some of the most creative business owners and entrepreneurs.  In this interview series, we ask companies we love working with to give us insight in how they got started and how they manage their busy days.

This week, we spoke with Alex Wills, Marketing Director at stREITwise, a real estate investment trust.

Alex Wills, Marketing Director at stREITwise

Hi Alex! Thanks for chatting. Tell us more about stREITwise.

Hi there, we are a real estate investment trust, whose goal is to provide a professionally managed, diversified portfolio consisting primarily of high-quality office properties.

Very interesting! Why did the founders want to start stREITwise?

stREITwise was started because the founders saw an opportunity to provide access to institutional quality commercial real estate for both non-accredited and accredited investors alike, and were excited to be able bring new federal regulations and technology together to generate passive income for everyone.

Marketing to investors must keep you busy. What tools do you rely on to keep you organized?

I use Trello for simple task management, Excel for data analysis, and Google Analytics for web traffic analysis.

We use Trello too :) Why did you come to Lorem for your website needs?

Lorem makes it easy to perform one-off small tasks that I normally would need to set up as costly projects on other sites.

I like being able to have a dedicated point person that can make small changes and adjustments quickly. Lorem made it easy to tweak my current website without doing a whole overhaul to our general design.

Thanks Alex! Happy to know that we made tweaking your site an easy task. Last question - what's your favorite advice about growing a business?

Customer service is everything. If you make your customers happy and are incredibly responsive to customer feedback you will not only new buyers but re-buyers as well.

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