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From the Experts: Ellie

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In this interview series, we ask Lorem experts why they enjoy being part of the Lorem network. In this post, you’ll meet Lorem Expert Ellie Boynton, a freelance developer, and president of Garnet Solutions.

Hi Ellie! Thanks for chatting with us. What types of projects do you usually handle on Lorem?

I love working in WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify and my very favorite projects involve building a site to match an established design. I also love fixing things that are broken and making websites appear well on all devices. I use HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP in my work.

Lorem Expert Ellie Boynton, a freelance developer, and president of Garnet Solutions

What do you like about being a Lorem Expert?

I really enjoy the flexibility to accept jobs only when I have time to work on them, interfacing with clients on the app, and not having to do as much business development on my own.

Good to hear - many of our Experts tell us that they appreciate how Lorem sends them a steady pulse of client work. What’s been a fun project you’ve recently worked on?

Early on in my time with Lorem I did some minor updating work for UnLocal, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides direct immigration legal representation, legal consultations, and community education to New York City’s undocumented immigrant communities.

It was clear then that their website needed an update and I was thrilled when they returned to Lorem and requested the update with a design in hand. I built their new WordPress website to match the design and it launched a few months ago. Take a look at unlocal.org.

The UnLocal site looks great! Why do you enjoy being a freelancer?

A few reasons: I choose which days and hours I work, get to work wherever I want (home, coffee shop, wherever I'm traveling), and am there for my clients when they need me. And there is always so much to learn in the web development realm that there is always a new challenge to master!

Being able to choose which days and hours you get to work is probably our favorite freelancer perk. Last question, what tools are you currently using to keep your work and life organized?

I'm in the process of switching to AND CO for time tracking and invoicing. I also use Asana for project planning.

Thanks Ellie! We can't wait to see more sites you develop.

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