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From the Experts: Erin

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In this interview series, we ask Lorem experts why they enjoy being part of the Lorem network. In this post, you’ll meet Lorem Expert Erin Richardson, a freelance developer and designer, and founder of Alden Lane Partners.

Hi Erin! It's great to catch up. What types of projects do you usually handle on Lorem?

I am a digital consultant who specializes in helping small businesses and individuals launch their website and digital marketing strategy in an affordable, simple way. I enjoy working with the Squarespace and Shopify platforms and driving digital strategy across all marketing channels.

Lorem Expert Erin Richardson, a freelance developer and designer, and founder of Alden Lane Partners

Very cool. What do you like about being a Lorem Expert?

The variety of projects that pop into the queue and the ability to pick and choose which will be the best fit is what I like most about Lorem. If I have downtime between clients or have trouble sleeping, I can jump right into a brand new initiative - big or small.

That's great! Variety of work has been a feature a lot of Experts tell us they love about Lorem. What’s been a fun project you’ve recently worked on?

Most recently, I accepted a job to take a full website design that included PSD files and assets, through to production on Squarespace. It was nice working with the client who organized all the materials and let me run with the build. Collaborating on some of the features to make the site even more conversion friendly was exciting.

Alternatively, quick Wordpress blog configurations and Shopify performance recommendations have been nice to pepper into my usual jam-packed schedule.

Being able to choose the projects you want to work on is a great perk of being a freelancer. What else makes you happy about your current lifestyle?

Being a consultant has allowed me to apply my deep knowledge of digital strategy and execution across with many different types of clients - entrepreneurs, restaurants, hotels, publishers, influencers, CPG products, lifestyle brands. I love helping businesses grow in their space.

Thanks Erin! Based on the reviews clients have sent in, they love how you help them grow too 🔥

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