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From the Experts: Jessica

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In this interview series, we ask Lorem experts why they enjoy being part of the Lorem network. In this post, you’ll meet Lorem Expert Jessica, a freelance web developer.


I’ve been working as a freelance web developer for a few years now. When I first made the leap, I had an idea of what I was getting myself into - that I’d have to deal with the uncertainty of not having a steady client flow, that on top of all of the hours I was putting into client work, I’d also have to spend time managing all of the little administrative tasks that come with running your own business, that I’d have to be willing to spend on digital advertising unless I wanted to continue to run my business on word of mouth alone.

Basically, I knew I was going to have to wear many hats, I just didn’t realize how much time and energy wearing said hats would take, week in and week out. Marketing myself, scheduling new project consultation calls, crafting contracts, sending out invoices, responding to emails at all hours of the day - all of these tasks took me away from doing what I really wanted to do, which was build amazing websites for interesting people around the world. But this was just what had to be done to continue doing what I love to do, so I did it...until recently.

Intrigued by the popularity of some of the bigger names in the freelancer marketplace scene, I started feeling out whether or not there were opportunities to be had on any of the more well-known sites. For the most part, I was left disappointed and frustrated - until I came across Lorem.

From the very beginning, I knew Lorem was going to be different. I applied for a position as a freelance Expert, and was beyond excited when I received an email informing me I’d been chosen for the next round of interviews.

The personalized and thorough on-boarding process made me feel like I was working for a fun new start-up (which, technically I am!), and also left me feeling confident that I wouldn’t just be one of thousands of random profiles competing in a bidding war to the bottom for every job opportunity that popped up.

And once I was in, things really started to click. The dashboard that Experts work from is a freelancer's dream come true - the team behind Lorem has literally thought through every pain point that a freelancer experiences, and came up with a solution for it.

Helping you balance your workload

All client communications are handled from one centralized dashboard (no more rummaging through thousands of random email chains!), and the whole client onboarding process is streamlined, which is an amazing timesaver. Within minutes on Lorem, I can pick up a new client, chat with them about their project, craft an official scope of work, provide them with a quote, and receive a deposit for said project.

I imagine clients love not having to sort through hundreds of proposals from desperate freelancers who are simultaneously bidding on hundreds of other projects - and as an Expert, I definitely appreciate not having to spend hours of my work day on administrative tasks! Lorem’s process also allows you to better balance your own workload - with other freelancer marketplaces, you have to bid on tons of projects with the hope that you’ll somehow stand out from the pack and land one - but what if you land them all? Or more than you can reasonably take on? With Lorem, you know which projects are already in your queue, and you don’t have to deal with the typical feast or famine lifestyle of your freelancing past.

Client-focused and relationship-centric

Another benefit to Lorem’s setup in particular is that it’s client-focused, and relationship-centric. What I mean by this is that Lorem facilitates the formation of long-term, ongoing relationships with each and every client that I, as an Expert, pick up. Using the dashboard is somewhat like managing an interactive, digital Rolodex of clients - and it makes things ultra-simple for clients to get back in touch with me as well when new projects arise!

And though it might sound like the Lorem dashboard is my favorite thing about the platform, it’s actually the diversity of the clients and the projects that’s been the most fun for me thus far! Lorem attracts a huge variety of types of opportunities.

It can seem impossible to feature every skill set I have on my personal website, so prospective clients may not know what I can or can’t do to help them, but with Lorem, there’s a great variety of project types coming in, which allow me to utilize more skills and capabilities than I otherwise might! From designing Unbounce landing pages, to customizing mailing list pop-ups, to simply helping clients tweak padding issues on a page or install a custom font, every day brings something new.

Bringing clients closer to their goals

It’s been truly fulfilling for me to be able to use my skill set to help others bring their creative visions to life. A lot of my clients on Lorem have a clear vision of what they want their website to look like, and how they want to represent their business online, but they need a hand executing that vision.

Whether I’m helping someone launch a new business - a super exciting, fragile, and busy time for an entrepreneur - or working with someone to tweak or customize an existing website - the best part is knowing that the work I’m doing is bringing them closer to their goals.

The team behind Lorem is great as well. Throughout my time on the platform, they’ve been consistently communicative, welcoming, and supportive. They’re always open to feedback as to how to make the platform work better for those of us who work on it day in and day out (your voice will definitely be heard around here),, and the project managers are great about handling any issues that may arise, and generally ensuring all clients and Experts are taken care of.

Lorem is a dream come true for me as a professional freelancer. Lorem makes things super simple for both clients and freelancers.  I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to work on my own schedule, work remotely, pick and choose the projects that I take on, and work with a diverse group of clients from all over the world.

Wish you could work remote, create your own work schedule, and do projects for a diverse group of clients like Jessica does on Lorem? Put in your own application to be an expert!

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