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From the Experts: Olivia

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In this interview series, we ask Lorem experts why they enjoy being part of the Lorem network. In this post, you’ll meet Lorem Expert Olivia, a freelance graphic and web designer.

Hi Olivia! What types of projects do you usually handle on Lorem?

I’m a freelance graphic and web designer with a Google search history chalk full of coding questions (aka I do some self-taught web development when need be for my designs). My favorite projects usually involve web design on Wix complemented with some custom graphics developed on Illustrator.

Lorem Expert Olivia, a freelance graphic and web designer

You've been a Lorem Expert for a few months now. What do you like about being part of the network?

Tom – Lorem’s Project Manager!

First, I love the flexibility of Lorem. I’m a digital nomad currently settling down for the year to pursue my masters in Ethics of AI, so my free time comes in spurts. But thanks to the flexibility that Lorem affords me, I can power through projects when I find space in my hectic schedule and still earn enough to pay rent.

Second, I love the diversity of projects. As a creative, it’s important for me to have new challenges to work on as it helps me improve my skills and avoid burnout.

And third, Tom. The poor guy has answered way too many of my oddly specific questions, give that man a medal for his patience and commitment to the clients and experts!

You mention diversity of clients as one of your favorite Lorem features. What's been a fun project you've recently worked on?

I’m currently working with a client on a Wix site for his Pop Design store. I’ve worked on loads of Wix sites and have enjoyed them all, but this project and client stick out because of how we have been working on the site.

Normally, a client will give me specifics from a site and I’ll work with the inspiration from there, but this time we are actually building the site together over hour long consulting calls. My client is a creative himself, so he is doing most of the designing and I’m helping more on the technical end. I’ve actually really loved this method, as I get to see someone else’s design process while helping him get it just right.

It’s really fun and rewarding to see how excited he gets when we solve a problem that’s been frustrating him that week or finalize a section of his website.

What do you love about being a freelancer?

Where do I begin?? Like I said, I’m a digital nomad. So I’d have to say the best part to being a freelancer is the fact that I can do it remotely (and take vacations in the middle of the week if there are discounts on flights).

And what tools do you rely on to keep you organized as a digital nomad?

Does coffee count as a tool? Jokes aside, I have a notebook planner that I use to map out the projects I need to complete for the week. Since my work is all digital, it’s nice to have something physical to use as a check list. Plus it is oh-so-satisfying to check the boxes on completed projects at the end of the day.

Finally, any advice for other people looking to pursue the freelance life?

The freelance lifestyle is not all photoshop rainbows and coded butterflies. It takes commitment and passion and a whole lot of guts, but at the end of the day it’s always worth it. So shout out to Lorem for helping us freelancers get one step closer to our dreams.

Thanks Olivia! We can't wait to see how the Pop Design site turns out. Keep us updated on your next trip ✈️

Are you a digital nomad like Olivia also looking for a way to travel and get matched up with a steady stream of clients? Put in your own application to be a Lorem Expert!

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