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How To Communicate Your Brand to a Freelancer

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With the rise of the freelance economy, it’s become easier than ever to hand off one-time tasks like designing a logo, creating a website, or writing up a brochure to people who… well, can do it better than you! After all, you’re the boss around here. Working with freelancers allows you to focus on what you do best: running and growing your business.

But, have you thought about your company branding? A freelancer can do their best work for you if they understand your company’s voice and personality. This should be tip top priority, because everything a freelancer creates for you is what interacts with your consumer.

Long after a customer leaves your store, uses your product, or closes out your website tab, the brand is what lingers. It’s important to incorporate aspects of your brand in everything done on behalf of your company - even if you’re still figuring out just what your brand is (which is okay! You aren’t alone).

Make your company brand into a person

Brand expert giant IDEO asserts: It should be humanlike. If your company had a lazy Sunday, what would he or she do? What is your company’s favorite song? These fun questions not only help you shape your understanding of your own company, but help customers better grasp your values and mission. Remember, people fall in love with other people. You don’t love a person because they’re ‘fast’ or ‘affordable’ (or, at least we don’t think so!). You love a person because they’re quirky, spontaneous, or because they always wear lime green. Dress your company up in the same shades of human-like loveliness.

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Make it real

Keep in mind that simply knowing that your company would do yoga and drink herbal tea on a lazy Sunday isn’t always enough for a freelancer. While defining your brand around these human-like characteristics is important for your own understanding and communication of the brand, you can really drive the point home when a freelancer can see it in action. Invite the freelancer to your store for a few hours to hang out and get a feel, or if they’re remote, send over anything you have currently that portrays what your company has done beforehand. Ask them to pretend to be a customer. This way, they can ‘play customer’, seeing how you and your company interacts. The brand should summarize the experience of engaging with and buying from your company.

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Aim for consistency

Any content that has grazed the eye of a potential customer, such as a business card, a store-front sign, or a brochure, can help a freelancer make sure their work is ‘on brand’ with the earlier work you’ve done. Is your company more of a Gotham or cursive gal? Do you go for pastels, or bold colors? Keep those choices consistent! For example: Say that you want a web developer to build you a landing page. You want that page to look similar to the feel and style of the business card you gave at your last networking event.

Keep in mind: Building and articulating a brand should be fun! This company is your life; that brand can be your best friend (As it should, now that we know that brands should be humanlike!). It’s a good idea for marketing too - an emphasis on brand ensures that you’re top of mind to current customers and appealing to future customers. Invite your freelancers to meet your company in the same way they’d meet your friend! They’ll love it, we promise.

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