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Squarespace Help: 27 Common Squarespace Errors and How to Fix Them

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Squarespace is favored by millions of users because it’s easy to use.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its own set of problems. If you tinker around your Squarespace site, you’re bound to face at least one or more of these common Squarespace errors.

It’s worth noting that Squarespace’s support system is nothing short of stellar. The Squarespace help desk promises to deliver on time, thanks to its 24/7 online support.

You can always go down that route, yes, but it would also be wise to know how to fix your site yourself when errors hit.

Imagine if your site goes down for a number of hours and your site depends on traffic to generate income. Scary thought, right?


That’s exactly why we wrote this article, in which we’ll list down all the common Squarespace errors and walk you through how to fix them.

Ready? Let’s go.

What to do (first) when you encounter Squarespace errors?

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Before we dive deep into the common errors list, we’d like to walk you through first on how to work with Squarespace in fixing said errors.

Squarespace’s support is pretty great, and if you’re a paying customer, we say go on ahead and take advantage of it.

To this end, there are a number of options available to you, but what’s important early at this point is to not panic. Squarespace errors are typically harmless, and their support team is built to help users fix said errors right away.

With that said, you can do any of the following:

Visit Squarespace's Troubleshooting Guides

Many common Squarespace errors have already been addressed by Squarespace’ troubleshooting guides.

If you’re encountering errors like checkout issues, site speed, or browser compatibility, there’s a chance that it has already been resolved in one of Squarespace’s support articles.

You can view the troubleshooting and support guides here.

Contact Customer Care

Squarespace’s Customer Care acts like a self-help troubleshooting page that helps you find the solution to your site problems on your own.

First,  you select topics related to the error you’re receiving, then it will narrow down the issue by asking you several guide questions. When the specific problem has been identified, it will then suggest possible solutions to your Squarespace issue.

Send an Email Ticket

If the Squarespace Customer Care page is not able to resolve the issue, it will give you the option to send them an email or get on a live chat with their Advisor.

You can see instructions on how to take screenshots and send them to Squarespace here.

Live Chat

You can go on a real-time conversation with Squarespace Advisor if you need immediate answers to your Squarespace issue. However, the Live Chat feature is only available Monday to Friday at 4am to 8pm, Eastern Time.

Tweet Squarespace!

Squarespace has a dedicated Twitter account to help user with the Squarespace issues. You can ask for help over Twitter by tweeting or sending a DM to @SquarespaceHelp.

Identifying the kind of Squarespace error you’re facing

Should you go the Squarespace Help route, you’ll have to identify what kind of error you’ve encountered. It’s important to identify what kind of error you’re having, so it will be clearer when you report the issue to Squarespace’s Customer Contact page or Advisors.

Here are the different kinds of errors:

  • Browser and Security Errors - These are the kinds of errors you encounter when you cannot access your site (Error 403 or 502), or there are security concerns like unusual traffic or issues with your SSL certificate.
  • Commerce Errors - Errors that are related to the commerce functions of your site, such as problems with purchase completion, payments, or managing your products.
  • Domain Errors - Issues with your chosen domain name, including the domain availability, or conflicts in DNS.
  • Log-in and Sign-up Errors - Problems with your account or when you’re logging-in to access your website dashboard.
  • Page and Content Errors - Problems when managing the pages of your site, including file or image upload issues.
  • Other Common Errors - Google Search Console (Robot.txt errors), Settings, G Suite, and Social Sharing issues.

Common Squarespace Errors and How to Fix Them

We’ve collated and made a complete list of the most common errors in Squarespace and how to fix them.

Browser and Security Errors

403 Forbidden

What it means: You are forbidden from accessing the page. Squarespace’ servers might be blocking your IP address because of high volume of requests, or it could be an issue with your domain's DNS settings.

What to do: Check if you can access your site's built-in domain and custom domain. If you can access your built-in domain but not your custom domain, chances are that the problem is in your DNS settings. Go to your Advanced DNS settings panel, click the Nameservers tab, click Use Squarespace nameservers, then save.

Another option is you can visit this demo Squarespace site, complete the CAPTCHA that appears, and wait for up to six hours for the block to be removed from your IP address. If no CAPTCHA appears, then this means your IP address isn’t blocked.

502 Bad Gateway

What it means: There’s an issue with your domain, browser, or connection.

What to do: Clear your browser’s cache and try re-accessing the site. You can also try accessing your site through a different connection, as there may be a firewall blocking Squarespace in the current network. If this doesn’t work, check if your domain is connected by going to Settings then Domains.

Access denied: Invalid Session Crumb

What it means: You haven’t enabled cookies on your browser.

What to do: Clear your browser’s cache and re-enable cookies in your browser. Be sure that you’re also using a supported browser.

Unusual traffic detected

What it means: This message appears when Squarespace detects an unusually high number of requests from the same IP address.

What to do: Complete the CAPTCHA that appears then wait for up to 12 hours to have the issue resolved.

Your connection is not private

What it means: There may be an issue with your SSL certificate.

What to do: Check if the SSL is enabled for your site. You may check this at the Security & SSL panel.

Commerce Errors

Cannot Remove: Your product must have at least one choice

What it means: Your products must have at least one variant. You’ll receive this error when you tried removing the only variant of a product.

What to do: Add a new variant before deleting the old variant. You can also completely delete the product, but this will also delete all the other variants of that product.

Max Size Reached: This page has a maximum size of 200 items

What it means: You’ve already reached the maximum number of 200 products that you can add to the Products Page.

What to do: If you have more than 200 products, you can simply create a new Products Page.

Purchases of this item have occurred while you were editing this product.

What it means: Someone has purchased the product you are currently editing.

What to do: Refresh the page before editing it again.

Refund Failed - Unable to refund payment

What it means: The refund that you’re requesting from Paypal is beyond Paypal’s 180 days limitation.

What to do: Use the Send Money feature of Paypal instead.

Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time. Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay.

What it means: There’s a problem with the card that you’re using on your Paypal account.

What to do: Update your credit card information in your Paypal Business account.

Something Went Wrong (Stripe)

What it means: A browser extension may be interfering with Stripe.

What to do: Disable browser extensions like ad blockers, or you can access the page using a different browser.

Unable to purchase item

What it means: Your customer doesn’t have cookies enabled on their browser.

What to do: Ask the customer to enable cookies and refresh the page.

We're sorry, we weren't able to set up preapproved payments at this time. Please try again later.

What it means: The email address that you used for your Paypal Business account is already linked to your Paypal personal account.

What to do: Remove your personal email from your Paypal business account.

Your order can’t be completed because of an issue with the merchant payment setup. Please contact us about this issue.

What it means: Your payment processor account was disconnected.

What to do: Reconnect your Stripe or Paypal account.

Domain Errors

DNS Conflict Alert

What it means: The subdomain you’re pointing to is already linked to your site as a third-party domain.

What to do: Remove the subdomain, then delete any custom records you’ve added for the subdomain (do this in the orignal domain’s Advanced settings). After that, point your subdomain using custom records.

The domain name is invalid

What it means: You have entered a wrong domain name, usually when you use the word “Squarespace” on it.

What to do: Try using a different domain name.

The domain name is unavailable

What it means: The domain name is already taken.

What to do: Try using a different domain name.

Log-in and Sign-up Errors

Login Failed: Failed to authenticate with third party

What it means: You’re using a third party platform to log-in, (Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus), but Squarespace is unable to communicate with it.

What to do: Log in using your Squarespace email address and password instead.

No such account or Account removed

What it means: The site has already been deleted, or the URL has been changed.

What to do: Contact the site owner, or if you’ve been invited to contribute, ask him to remove and resend the invite.

Website Expired

What it means: Your website has already expired.

What to do: Reactivate your site by entering new billing information in “Billing & Account”.

Page and Content Errors

Cannot delete homepage: This page cannot be deleted because it is your homepage.

What it means: You’re deleting your current homepage without setting a new homepage first.

What to do: Set one of your pages as the homepage before deleting the current one.

Files size limit exceeded.

What it means: The image or file you’re uploading is beyond the size limit.

What to do: Make sure that the files you upload are within the file size limit. Images can only be up to 20MB while other digital product files can only by up to 300MB in size.

Only images allowed: The file...does not appear to be a supported image file

What it means: The format of the file you’re uploading is not supported.

What to do: When uploading an image, make sure that the format is either .jpg, .gif, or .png.

Other Common Squarespace Errors

Google Search Console (robot.txt) Errors

This tells Google not to crawl certain pages on your site. Learn more about robot.txt errors here.

G Suite Errors - For G Suite error messages, visit Troubleshooting G Suite.

Invalid Mapping (Settings) Error - You’ll encounter these errors when your custom redirects are not formatted correctly. To create URL redirects the right way, click here

Facebook debugger errors

False errors can happen on the Facebook debugger tool because it’s not designed for CMS platforms like Squarespace. If you’re having trouble sharing on Facebook, click here.

Error: 429 Response Code (when posting to Pinterest)

This only means that the page you’re sharing on Pinterest does not have a thumbnail image, simply adding a thumbnail image should fix the problem.

Over to You

Even the smallest errors can get in the way of your business, so it’s great to know that Squarespace has invested a lot in tools to address any Squarespace help that its users may need.

Some of these errors and solutions can be a bit technical, so if you need more guidance in navigating your Squarespace site, our Lorem experts are always happy and ready to assist. Let's chat!

Good luck!

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