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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Squarespace Promotional Popups

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Squarespace’s media campaign positions its platform as a turnkey solution for creatives and business owners who want to build their own site. The biggest pull is that their platform allows users to build one without the headache of learning complex software.

With Squarespace, you can build your own website in a couple of hours. That’s a promise that the company, founded in 2003, has successfully followed through.

No wonder brands such as Mission Chinese Food and names like John Malkovich have made the jump to Squarespace. Even Keanu Reeves has a Squarespace site!

Primed as an all-in-one solution, Squarespace is filled to the brim with features you’ll need to build any business or personal website, from analytics to marketing tools. One such tool that the platform has, natively, that others don’t is what they call “promotional popups”.

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What is a Squarespace Promotional Popup?

In a nutshell, Squarespace Promotional Popups are customizable overlays which you can use to promote a sale, a new product, or simply invite visitors to join your mailing list.

Squarespace Promotional Popup
source: blog.squarespace.com

The popups are easily customized, from changing the fonts to the colors to the backgrounds. What’s more, you can also determine how you want to display the popup: do you want it to appear at the center, to the bottom-right, or take over the entire page? You can also determine the triggers to display the popup (i.e. when visitors are about to bounce off your page).

As we’ve mentioned, this tool is native to Squarespace and is baked right into their platform, so using it, much like Squarespace itself, won’t have much of a learning curve. You also won’t need to install an app or plugin to your site.

A word of caution about using popups on your site

We’ve talked before about the potential harm of using popups on your site, regardless if it’s hosted on Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace.

Here’s why:

Some visitors may not like popups. If not done properly, popups may even look annoying or distracting, and make your visitors leave your site.

Even Google doesn’t like popups all that much. Mother Google likes content, and when popups block access to that (i.e. full-page popups), she tends to impact your SEO negatively.

To use popups effectively, consider the following: timing, experience, and messaging. Display a popup to a site visitor only once, in an unobtrusive time, at a convenient part of the page, and with a message that’s relevant to your site and visitors. This is a pretty broad but effective rule of thumb to follow and ensure that you’re all-good in terms of SEO.

How to create Squarespace Promotional Popups

Creating a Squarespace promotional popup is fairly easy, largely because it’s already native to the Squarespace platform. The UI itself, too, is pretty intuitive.

We’ll dive into our guide in a minute, but first…

Two types of Squarespace Promotional Popups

There are two types of popups to choose from: Newsletter and Call-to-action.

  • Newsletter Popups - These popups are displayed to help convert more readers into subscribers or leads into customers. Here, you’ll ask your visitor for their email address so they can join in on your mailing list.
  • Call-to-action Popups - These popups display a prominent call-to-action or CTA button that redirects the site visitor to another part of the site or a different URL altogether.

Now that these are out of the way, we can get on with the tutorial.

Creating a promotional popup, step-by-step

Step 1: In the “Home” menu, click “Marketing”, then “Promotional Pop-ups.

Step 2: Choose a layout for your Pop-ups. If you wish to browse through the different layouts, click “Change Layout”

Step 3: Under “Goal”, select whether you want your pop-up to be “Sign up for a newsletter” or “Click a Button”.


  • Choose where you wish to store the submissions. You may select “SQUARESPACE CAMPAIGNS” under “Storage Options”, or you can also connect to other services such as Mailchimp or Google Drive.
  • Finally, you can edit the “Submit Button Label” (you can change it to other terms like “Subscribe” or “Sign-up”). You may also enter a Post-Submit message to appear after a visitor has subscribed to your mailing list.


  • Edit the Button Label and the link to landing page of your pop-up.
  • You can add up to two buttons.

Step 4: After establishing the goal of your pop-up, you can now start editing the headline and body text in the “Content” panel. Ideally, the copy should be short yet catchy so you can get your reader’s attention easier.

Step 5: Under “Display and Timing” choose where you wish for your pop-up to appear (you can have it appear in certain pages on your site). You can also when and how often it will appear through the Timing and Frequency menus.

Step 6: Add a background image by clicking the “Add Images” box, then click “Upload”.

Step 7: Under the “Style” panel, you can change the overall look of your pop-up. You can edit fonts, colors, buttons, and other style options.

Step 8: Finally, switch the toggle at the top of the Promotional Pop-Up panel to activate your promotional pop-up.

source: blog.squarespace.com

Over to you!

That does it for our ultimate guide to creating a Squarespace Promotional Popup!

Squarespace has done a right-on job of making the process of creating promotional popups on their platform very easy. Simply follow the steps we’ve fleshed out for you on this post, and you’ll be able to maximize the impact of popups in your efforts.

As always, we urge you to follow Google’s guidelines in popup usage so as to not get your site struck with negative SEO.

And should you have any questions related to Squarespace, or web development in general, you can always ask a Lorem Expert.

We wish you the best of luck!

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