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When Is the Right Time to Hire a Shopify Expert?

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If you have your online store hosted on Shopify, then hiring a Shopify expert must have crossed your mind. Though marketed as an all-in-one e-commerce solution, managing a growing Shopify store can be tough, especially for small teams. That’s not to say building a successful business through Shopify isn’t possible, it’s just that much easier if you take aid from Shopify experts.

That’s what this article is for. In our comprehensive guide, we’ll go over some scenarios which we think will be wise to take to Shopify experts. We’ll also cover the basics of what said experts do and why they can help your Shopify business grow.

What Are Shopify Experts and Why You Should Hire One

Before you even think about the right time to hire Shopify experts, you should first understand what one does. To put it simply, Shopify experts are creatives, designers, and developers who specialize in the field of e-commerce, and more specifically Shopify. 

In short, Shopify experts are pros whose job it is to help companies either build or improve their Shopify stores. Services and deliverables vary per expert, but there is one specific to any task. Expertise includes everything from 3D modeling products, digital marketing, to all-around store management.

In knowing this, it’s hard to argue against not hiring a Shopify expert. These professionals are called “experts” for a reason, and there’s at least the reassuring fact that they know more about Shopify than you do. The obvious reason to hire Shopify experts is to maintain the quality of work that’s put into your store. If you’re serious about building a thriving e-commerce brand, consider working with experts.

In addition, there’s also the idea of scaling your time and resources. By delegating skills-heavy missions such as design and development, you’re freeing yourself up with more time to work on making your business better.

When Should You Hire a Shopify Expert?

Now that all of that is out of the way, here comes an even harder question...

When should you hire?

The most boring (but true) answer is right now. Whether you’re just starting out or have a rather decent footing on the platform, a Shopify expert can be valuable to your business. But I’m not here to tell you something you don’t know.

As such, we’ve listed some very specific scenarios that, should they play out, you’ll know you can press the button and start shopping for an expert to help out.

When you’re too busy

When you have other, more important things going on than managing (and fixing) every aspect of your store, it makes much more sense to hire someone to do lower-level things for you. 

Now, this requires a bit of self-awareness being that many entrepreneurs suffer from the inability to surrender control. For example, if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, it’s hard to let go of something that you’ve built. 

You feel that you’re somehow losing ownership of the thing you’ve built, but that’s okay. By being fully aware that your business needs help, you are propping yourself as a more than responsible store owner than refusing help, doing it yourself, and screwing up.

When keep screwing up a specific task

The fun of entrepreneurship is building your business. 

As such, many entrepreneurs tend to wear many hats. You take on a lot of tasks even if you’re well aware you’re not the best person to do it. What’s more, you save money upfront if you try doing things yourself.

However, this can bring your Shopify store even bigger issues when you keep on screwing up a specific task. And in business, failures usually equate to dollars missed.

When you’ve tried but can’t solve the problem

If you run into issues with your e-commerce business, it’s easier to step up to the plate and have a crack at it yourself. When you’ve exhausted all options, you might want to consider to look to the help of a Shopify expert who can solve your business problems faster and more efficiently.

When it’s too risky to screw up

One truth about business growth that isn’t talked about enough is that it makes you vulnerable. What I mean by this is that by making more money, the possibility of losing money by committing otherwise small mistakes blows up as well.

Screw-ups are more expensive when your business is bigger. You don’t want to burn cash by not going out of your way to prevent your business from making costly mistakes, do you?

Hire Shopify Experts today

Whichever scenario echoes most to you, you and your Shopify store can use help from Shopify experts. There are plenty of places where you can find Shopify experts for hire, and surely there is great talent out there, but we recommend to take a shot at some of our Shopify experts.

Lorem’s experts are meticulously vetted. They are available 24/7 and you only pay per-project, making our solution very friendly to those just starting out like you.

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