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Wix Support: 8 Most Common Wix Problems and How to Fix Them

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Wix is a CMS—much like Wordpress and Squarespace—favored by its many users for its feature-rich and easy-to-use experience.

However, that doesn’t make it impervious to errors. These errors are typically harmless, and they can be fixed quite quickly through the help of Wix’s own support channels.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to know how to fix them yourself, so that you’re able to resolve an issue immediately when it hits your Wix site.

And that’s what we’re setting out to do on this article.

We’ve compiled and listed some of the most common Wix problems and laid out a comprehensive overview of how to fix them on your own.

What to do (first) when you encounter Wix Problems or Errors?

The first thing to not do is panic. Feeling agitated over a strip of code will not get you any further than the rut you’ve found yourself in the first place.

Any of the following are very good starting points in fixing your Wix error.

Need help? Have a Wix expert take a look

Don’t fret over an error, issue, or bug. Let a Wix expert identify, and resolve any problem you may have on your site, no matter how tricky.

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Go to the Wix Technical Assistant

The Wix Technical Assistant acts like a self-service troubleshooting solution where you can solve your Live Site and Editor issues on the site. It works like the “Instant Replies” feature of Facebook Messenger, where you type your inquiries and responses in the form of a chat.

Find the Solution to your Wix Problem by looking through the “Technical Difficulties” Page of Wix

Wix already has tons of articles to address its users’ troubleshooting concerns, so if you’re having a Wix problem, chances are it’s already addressed here. You can search through articles on Editor Issues, Live Site Issues, and Browser Compatibility.

Submit a Support ticket

If Technical Assistant or the Wix troubleshooting articles wasn’t able to resolve your Wix problems, you can submit a support ticket. Just be sure to input all the relevant details about your concern such as the specific error you’re receiving, the domain you’re having issues with, and a screenshot of the error.

3 Kinds of Wix Technical Difficulties

In order to figure out the solution the problem you’re having in WIx, it would help if you identify what kind of technical issue you’re having.

  1. Editor Issues - These are the kinds of errors that you encounter in relation to the build and design of your site, managing your site’s pages, and other concerns about using the Wix Editor.
  2. Live Site Issues - Example of Live Site issues include mobile compatibility of your Wix website, viewing images on your site, and loading time.
  3. Browser Compatibility - Browser Compatibility Issues are errors that you encounter when accessing your site through different web browsers.

Common Wix Errors and How to Fix Them

Here are some of the most common Wix problems, plus their easy fixes.

1. Wix Error 502 (Bad Gateway)

What it means: “You receive an Error 502 message when your request to access the URL is taking too long and has been canceled.”

Solution: Press F5, Click the the refresh/reload button, or Re-enter the URL into your address bar and press Enter.

2. Error 401 (unauthorized)

What it means: You're trying to access a restricted site page. It may be possible that you have not logged-in with your correct account details.

Solution: Check if the url is correct, or you can go back to the Wix homepage and find the log-in button. If your log-in credentials are incorrect, follow the instructions for account retrieval in the Wix website.

3. Error 403 (forbidden)

What it means: You are forbidden from accessing the site page. It’s possible that the url you entered is incorrect.

Solution: Check if the url is correct, or clear your browser cache and cookies then try logging-in again.

4. Error 404 (not found)

What it means: You're trying to access a page that does not exist on the Wix server. Possible reasons include: your site is not yet live, you;ve entered the wrong url, the page you’re accessing has already been deleted, or your domain (from another host) has not been connected properly to Wix.

Solution: Press F5, Click the the refresh/reload button, or Re-enter the URL into your address bar and press Enter. You can also try accessing the page through another browser, or search for it from the site’s homepage.

5. Error 500 (internal server error)

What it means: This is an internal error within the Wix server.

Solution: Press F5, Click the the refresh/reload button, or Re-enter the URL into your address bar and press Enter.

6. Editor Error: Error 30003

What it means: Your domain is not properly connected to your site.

Solution: Submit a ticket to report the issue here.

7. Editing Error: Error HTTP Status 413

What it means: HTTP error 413 happens when the request entity is too large to be processed by the web server

Solution: Clear your browser cache, close your browser completely and open it again.

8. 10104 Error Message

What it means: Wix doesn’t give a lot of details about the cause of this error, but it is possible that it is caused by misconfigured system files (source). This could mean that your computer may have registry problems.

Solution: Contact Wix here and provide your account username/email address, site name, details of changes that you may have made before receiving the error, and a screenshot of your console (instructions here)

Get your site fixed! Over to you...

Site errors, regardless of the platform that you are using, can be wildly alarming. And the fact that the even the smallest changes that you make on your site can result in errors makes it even more frustrating.

Errors can make a huge (negative) impact to your online business as well—imagine when your customer is at the point when he/she is ready to make purchase, online to encounter an error 404!

Therefore, it’s very helpful to have a bunch of fixes tucked underneath your sleeves, so that you’re prepared whenever an error hits.

Still stuck? Our experts are always on standby to help you fix your site errors—whether it’s on Wix or any other platform. Get in touch with one of our pre-vetted Wix experts, or read our reviews!


8 Most Common Wix Problems and How to Fix Them

  1. Error 502 (Bad Gateway)
  2. Error 401 (Unauthorized)
  3. Error 403 (Forbidden)
  4. Error 404 (Not Found)
  5. Error 500 (Internal Server Error)
  6. Error 30003 (Editor Error)
  7. Editing Error: Error HTTP Status 43
  8. 10104 Error Message

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